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School of Social Welfare – Student Advising

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (B.S.W.)

UPDATE for Summer and Fall 2020 BSW Advising and Enrollment:

With KU’s delayed return from spring break for students while faculty and instructors transition to an all online format, we to inform you on changes and procedures for BSW summer adn fall 2020 Advising and Enrollment. KU Administration is working to outline some processes as we move forward with the remainder of this semester but, in the meantime, we wanted to assure you that we will do everything we can to make the advising piece of your enrollment for summer and fall 2020 as pain free as possible.

We ask that you still make appointments through Jayhawk GPS but in the notes of that appointment you can indicate how you would like to meet.  Your advisor can accommodate your advising in a number of different ways.

  1. Email advising, to be completed by your scheduled appointment.
  2. Advising by phone during your scheduled appointment (we will need your preferred phone number).
  3. Advising by Skype during your scheduled appointment (we will need your preferred phone number).
  4. Cancel your current appointment through Jayhawk GPS and reschedule although this is likely to last at least a couple of weeks.

Hopefully one of the above options will work for your main advising and enrollment for the summer and fall 2020 semesters.

The B.S.W. degree program prides itself on the thoroughness of its advising system. Early advising is recommended for students interested in social work. Pre-social work students (both KU and transfer) are encouraged to obtain advising through the School. Undergraduate academic advising is a developmental decision-making process during which students identify and realize their educational potential through communication with an academic advisor. Advising is an ongoing, multifaceted process, a responsibility shared by the student, advisor, and KU. Advising concerns students' intellectual goals including career planning, enrollment, and course and major selection, and establishes and maintains a relationship between faculty members and students.

For students who plan to transfer to KU, please contact the School to arrange advising by telephone or e-mail.

Once a student is admitted to the School of Social Welfare, a faculty advisor is assigned to assist the student with career and professional matters. In addition, an academic advisor will be able to assist students with enrollment and other academic program requirements for the B.S.W. degree program. Students consult with their academic advisor before enrollment each semester and have their advising hold removed. Students can view their advisors on the myKU portal.

For more information on B.S.W. degree advising, please review the B.S.W student handbook.

Master’s Degree in Social Work (M.S.W.)

UPDATE for Summer and Fall 2020 MSW Advising and Enrollment:

Fall 2020 MSW Enrollment (Summer is optional):

*Important info is hyperlinked within the message* and it would be very helpful if you read this entire section. 

The most common question asked is “How do I know what to take?” You can view part-time and full-time MSW Advanced Standing completion plans here and Traditional MSW completion plans here

*If you are currently enrolled in your final semester and have a modified practicum plan, you will need to enroll in a summer practicum course. Kelly Jones, interim field education director, will send out emails with instructions to the students that will need to enroll in this course.                                                                                                                                              

Enrollment times for graduate students are March 27 and after. Your specific enrollment time can be found in Enroll & Pay in the Manage Classes section. After you click “Manage Classes”, you will be able to click “Enrollment Dates” to see your specific time. 

The time assigned to you is the first opportunity you get to enroll in your fall 2020 courses. You may enroll any time after this time/date has passed. If you try to enroll before that date and time, you will get an error message.

Please contact Georgiana Spear, gspear@ku.edu, if you are interested in enrolling in summer classes and you haven’t talked to her already. We offer SW 863 and a clinical elective over the summer, but students need to have all their 700-level coursework completed in order to take summer classes. If you know you are eligible and want to enroll in summer classes, you may need additional financial aid. The 2019 -2020 FAFSA does not automatically cover summer courses. Please fill out the “Request for Summer Aid” form here. If you need to discuss financial aid in more detail, please contact our Financial Aid Counselor, Madison Orrange at MadisonFAS@ku.edu.

You must also check Enroll & Pay to see if you have any HOLDS which may prevent your enrollment. The most common type of hold this time of year is an NPY Hold which means “Past Due Balance.”  Please try to resolve any holds before your enrollment time. **Every MSW student has a “No Drops Hold” on their account. This just prevents students from dropping classes without speaking to an advisor first. It will not impact your ability to enroll for summer or fall.

The summer and fall 2020 schedule is available for you to view! Please go to www.classes.ku.edu to start looking at course offerings (make sure you select GRADUATE level and view the correct campus!) You may start adding classes to your shopping cart right away, but please know this does not save you a spot, it just may help you better prepare for when your enrollment time arrives.

If you already know you will need help or are stressed at the thought of navigating this, please email gspear@ku.edu, she can also assist over the phone or Zoom.

If you are graduating, all the info you need can be found on the School's graudation page. Any updates on the status of graduation will be posted on the School's graduation page and the School's coronavirus page.

Licensure info can be found on the student resources page. : https://socwel.ku.edu/resources/forstudents/licensing

Each student has a faculty member assigned as an advisor for consultation on career matters, fields of practice, and concentration. In addition, an academic advisor will be able to assist students with enrollment and other academic program requirements for the M.S.W. degree. Students can view their advisors on the myKU portal. For more information on M.S.W. program advising, please review the M.S.W. student handbook

Requests for a Leave of Absence or Change in M.S.W. Program Plan of Study

Students who wish to request an intermit (leave of absence) or change their plan of study must complete the Request for a Leave of Absence or change in M.S.W. Program Plan of Study form.

One intermit (leave of absence) or change to a plan of study can be made without speaking to a faculty advisor. The proposed change to the plan will be reviewed by the M.S.W. program director, who will approve the plan, approve the plan with modifications, or reject the plan and refer you to your faculty advisor in order to explore other options. A response by the M.S.W. program director to the proposal will be sent to you within five working days. You can review the School of Social Welfare’s policies and procedures for an intermit or change to a plan of study in the M.S.W. student handbook

Ph.D. in Social Welfare

The primary purpose of the advising system is to provide advice, support, mentoring, and evaluation for students by faculty. The Doctoral Program Office also keeps a database for tracking student progress to help students and faculty to evaluate and guide students’ educational planning and progress. Current students can view their advisors on the myKU portal.

There are two types of advisors: Enrollment Advisor and Academic Advisor.

  • The Enrollment Advisor helps the student to schedule classes, assures compliance with school and university regulations for scheduling, and gives enrollment permission. The Enrollment Advisor is the Director of the Doctoral Program for all students until they have formed a Qualifying Papers Committee.
  • The Academic Advisor provides advice, support, evaluative, and monitoring for the student. The Academic Advisor is responsible to notify the Program Director whenever serious academic difficulty is identified for an advisee, so that appropriate supports and responses can be devised. The Program Director serves as Academic Advisor to incoming students. The Director also helps students to identify an ongoing Academic Advisor during their first year, based on matching common interests between the student and relevant faculty. A student may change Academic Advisor at any time, by following the procedures described in the Ph.D. student handbook.
  • Once a student has formed a Qualifying Papers Committee, the chair of that committee serves in the capacities of both enrollment and Academic Advisor.
  • Once a student has formed a Doctoral Dissertation Committee, the chair of that committee serves in the capacities of both Enrollment and Academic Advisor.

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