Sarah Jen

Sarah Jen
  • Assistant Professor
  • PhD Program Director

Contact Info

Twente Hall, Room 307


Ph.D., University of Washington


Examines intersections of social work, gerontology, and sexuality with a focus on women and bisexual and other non-monosexual-identified older adults; explores life course trajectories and narratives of aging sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual expression; aims to support the sexual and intimate needs of older adults and the equitable health achievement of LGBTQ midlife and older adults.

Selected Publications

Jen, S. (2019). Ambivalence in labels, freedom in lives: Older women’s discursive constructions of their bisexual identities [Journal Articles]. Journal of Bisexuality, 19(3), 386–413.
Jen, S., & Jones, R. (2019). Bisexual lives and aging in context: A cross-national comparison of the United Kingdom and United States [Journal Articles]. International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 89(1), 22–38.
Jen, S. (2018). Sexuality of midlife and older women: A review of theory use [Journal Articles]. Journal of Women & Aging, 30(3), 204–226.

Awards & Honors

Warren G. Magnuson Health Sciences Scholar
University of Washington
2017 - 2018
Hartford Scholar
Hartford Center of Excellence, University of Washington
2014 - 2015