Governance and Committees

Governance Document

This document outlines the School of Social Welfare's School Governing Body and the Standing Committees of the School:

Governance Document

Standing Committees

(See the Governance Document above for more information on each committee)

Faculty Search

In consultation with the Dean and the Associate Deans, the Faculty Search Committee develops procedures relevant to screening and interviewing of candidates for all prospective faculty appointments including endowed professorships and non-tenure teaching positions of .5 FTE or more, including professors of the practice, and recommends appointments to the Dean. In recruiting faculty to teach in specific curriculum area groups (CAG), the committee will involve CAG members in the interview and selection process. The committee is responsible for becoming familiar with and following Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action guidelines and procedures.

Amy Mendenhall
Laurie Ramirez
Meredith Bagwell-Gray
Jason Matejkowski
Briana McGeough

Promotion, Retention & Tenure (PRT)

The committee advises faculty candidates of promotion, tenure, and sabbatical, Keeler Intra-University Professorship application guidelines, reviews their application materials, and makes a recommendation to the Dean and to the University Committee on Promotion and Tenure (UCPT). The committee conducts annual and third year reviews of pre-tenured faculty, advises them with regard to PRT standards, and gives a written report to the Dean and the faculty member with observations on faculty progress and suggestions about preparation for tenure application. The PRT committee develops the policies and procedures for tenure, post tenure review, promotion, Keeler Intrauniversity Professorships, and sabbaticals and brings them to the full faculty for approval.

Edward Scanlon - Chair
Terry Koenig - Co-chair
Juliana Carlson
Kaela Byers
Mahasweta Banerjee
Meg Paceley
Becci Akin
Jody Brook

Faculty Executive

The function of the committee is to provide oversight and appraisal of faculty governance and other issues that affect the welfare of the School. Activities include: review of committee function and structure; oversight of and adherence to school and university policies; consultation with the Dean, Associate Deans, and committee chairs about School policy issues, long range planning, and program development; fulfilling its duties as outlined in the school’s grievance procedures; and providing a steering or coordinating function for other faculty governance and School policy issues as they arise.

Juliana Carlson (co-chair)
Nancy Kepple (co-chair)
Mahasweta Banerjee
Melissa Holder
Michael Riquino


The Awards Committee focuses on awards that have been established to honor past work and accomplishments, and that are not typically reliant on self-nominations.

Jared Barton
Briana McGeough
Melinda Lewis
Laurie Hart
Carrie Wendel-Hummell
Becci Akin (alt)

PhD Curriculum

The curriculum committee is responsible for the planning, development, and evaluation of the curriculum and educational policies, including policies and standards for academic performance and student advancement within the program.

Becci Akin - Chair
Sarah Jen
Nancy Kepple
e alexander
Michael Riquino (Appt)
Megan Paceley (Appt)


Edward Scanlon - Chair
Jody Brook (Appt)
Briana McGeough (Appt)