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These recordings of past events are provided as a service to our community. No CEUs are provided by watching these videos.

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Research Impact Talks

Held once or twice per semester, these talks feature a Social Welfare researcher discussing some of the current work

Advanced Equity via Innovative Methods

Presenters: Jared Barton, Brennan Miller
November 2023

Iranian Women's Social Justice Movements

Presenters: Dr. Pegah Naemi Jimenez, Ariana Nasrazadani, Rose Hicks
October 2023

Developing a Coaching Culture

Presenters: Vickie McArthur, Alanea Hanna, Catrina Hinkle, Natasha Santiago-Mason
September 2023

Nothing About Us Without Us

Presenters: Amy Myers, Meghan Cizek, and Dr. Kaela Byers
March 2023

HCBS During Covid - 19

Presenters: Dr. Wendel-Hummell and Dr. Tracey LaPierre
April 2022

Social Work Day Conference 2020

Virtual conference held in April 2020 with a focus on the Strengths Perspective in Social Work. All presenters contributed to the book 'Rooted in Strengths: Celebrating the Strengths Perspective in Social Work'.

Rooted in Strengths

Presenter: Teri Kennedy
April 2020

Identification of Strengths

Presenter: Megan Gandy-Guedes
April 2020

Strengths Perspective Comes Alive

Presenter: Shelby Clark & Kelechi Wright
April 2020

Strengths Perspective Policy Practice

Presenter: Melinda Lewis
April 2020

CCEC Webinars

Webinars by the Agency Capacity-Building & Evaluation Division

Advocacy Evaluation

Presenter: Melinda Lewis
April 2020

Building Capacity to Deliver Message

Presenter: Melinda Lewis
October 2019

Nonprofit Advocacy Rules Election Years

Presenter: Melinda Lewis
February 2020

Framework for Nonprofit Board Advocacy

Presenter: Melinda Lewis
February 2020

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