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DEI Council

The mission of the DEI Council is as follows: In light of the SSW’s vision and mission, the DEI Council’s purpose is to act as a central hub to coordinate and strategically plan for DEI efforts within the SSW and our communities.

DEI Council Strategic Priorities

Collaboratively, the Coordinator for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and the DEI Council identified three strategic priorities and related goals and strategies to guide our work on DEI in the School of Social Welfare and all of our communities. These priorities are meant to guide our work in shifting the culture to be more attentive, proactive, and responsive to issues of equity and justice. This list is not meant to signify an end to our work; rather, it is the beginning and an ongoing process.

Short-Term Goals (1-2 years)

  • Identify and implement school-level change efforts pertaining to DEI
    • Mandatory inclusion of DEI at school retreat (ongoing)
    • Provide trainings and learning opportunities for faculty and staff (ongoing)
    • Provide opportunities for students to engage with DEI outside of the classroom (ongoing)
    • Conduct annual DEI celebration (ongoing)
  • Identify and implement methods to promote community and collegiality
    • Collaborate with the Liaison to Native Communities (ongoing)
    • Participate in the annual Back to School celebration (ongoing)
  • Set expectations for our climate/culture around DEI
    • Engage with DEI as a central focus in committee and business meetings, as well as other activities (ongoing)
    • Promote land acknowledgement at meetings/events (ongoing)
    • Evaluate DEI efforts and DEI climate in the School (2019-2020 and as needed)
  • Promote use of Critical Social Work in all our activities in the SSW
    • Encourage use of inclusive and diverse readings and speakers in classes and events (ongoing)
    • Disseminate inclusive reading list (2019-2020; updated as needed)
    • Assist program directors, faculty, and instructors with including DEI content in their classes/curriculum (ongoing)
    • Participate in the Curriculum Innovation Committee to provide a DEI lens (2019-2021)
    • Support the annual DEI art collective as part of SW 555 (ongoing)

Long-Term Goals (3+ years)

  • Ongoing engagement with DEI as a central focus in all meetings, activities, and events
  • Promote and affirm SSW climate expectations pertaining to DEI
  • Ongoing evaluation of DEI efforts and climate in the SSW
  • Promote student leadership within DEI at the SSW
  • Hire an AD for DEI in the SSW


  • Short-Term Goals (1-2 years)
    • Review Excellence in Diversity Hiring Handbook and consult with Search Committee to set hiring guidelines/processes (one time; repeat as needed)
    • Promote policy and procedural changes to promotion and tenure review, annual review, and other areas affecting faculty (one time; repeat as needed)
    • Conduct interviews with former faculty to identify areas of improvement, specifically related to faculty of color (one time)
  • Long-Term Goals (3+ years)
    • Assist Dean and Search Committee with recruitment of AD for DEI (one time)
    • Assist search committee with utilizing Excellence in Diversity Hiring Handbook to recruit senior faculty of color who have a focus on DEI (repeat as needed)


  • Short-Term Goals (1-2 years)
    • Identify needs of adjunct staff (one time; repeat as needed)
    • Identify ways in which to recruit and retain adjunct staff with diverse identities and perspectives (one time; repeat as needed)
    • Recruit and retain research staff with diverse identities and perspectives (one time; repeat as needed)
    • Identify how to use the Excellence in Diversity Hiring for staff positions (one time; repeat as needed)
    • Facilitate peer-to-peer mentoring for staff (ongoing)
    • Identify and promote professional development opportunities related to DEI  (Ongoing)
  • Long-Term Goals (3+ years)
    • Provide professional development training related to DEI for adjunct staff (ongoing)
    • Provide DEI training and resources for all staff (ongoing)


  • Short-Term Goals (1-2 years)
    • Provide funding, resources, and mentoring pertaining to DEI for students
    • Continue DEI Scholar/Fellow Program (ongoing)
    • Evaluate and improve DEI Scholar/Fellow Program (one time; repeat as needed)
    • Support RISE mentoring program for students of color (ongoing)
    • Support development of student-led groups based on marginalized identities (e.g. (dis)ability, LGBTQ+) (ongoing)
    • Implement a DEI in Field panel (ongoing)
    • Promote and support the Multicultural Scholars Program (ongoing)
    • Identify ways in which to support marginalized students in completing their program/being successful (ongoing)
    • Celebrate the diversity of our student body
    • Purchase graduation stoles for ethnically/racially marginalized students (ongoing)
  • Long-Term Goals (3+ years)
    • Fund additional scholarships pertaining to DEI
    • Facilitate greater mentoring between faculty and students sharing marginalized identities
    • Promote student leadership pertaining to DEI

Short-Term Goals (1-2 years)

  • Increase visibility of DEI and the SSW on campus and in the community
    • Conduct a campaign across campus pertaining to social work and DEI (ongoing)
    • Develop a DEI in the KUSSW social media presence (ongoing)
    • Revise the SSW website to include greater DEI content and information (one time and as needed)
  • Enhance collaborations on DEI work in the community and on campus
    • Provide campus/community-wide efforts to promote collaboration around DEI (e.g. sidewalk chalk day) (ongoing)
    • DEI Coordinator and members of the DEI Council will participate in campus and community committees, boards, and other action-oriented groups pertaining to DEI (ongoing)
    • Meet with potential campus and community partners to facilitate greater collaboration and engagement (ongoing)
    • Collaborate with the KU Office of Diversity and Equity (ongoing)
  • Enact a greater emphasis on social justice and equity
    • Engage in and organize social actions and statements pertaining to social justice issues in our community and beyond (ongoing)

Long-Term Goals (3+ Years)

  • Support community organizations in improving their efforts at being inclusive and equitable (ongoing)
  • Implement a symposium or conference pertaining to social justice in social work (ongoing)
  • Disseminate DEI work and evaluation findings via conference presentations and academic publications (ongoing)
  • Participate in CSWE diversity councils (ongoing)
  • Coordinator and DEI Council members presence at social justice and DEI-related conferences (ongoing)

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