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Michelle Mohr Carney

I am delighted to share with you the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare Strategic Priorities for the next few years.

Michelle Mohr Carney
Dean and Professor

Identification of our strategic priorities would not have been possible without a tremendous amount of work by many people. I want to thank the School of Social Welfare Visioning Team, the Mission Revision Committee, the Curriculum Re-imagining and Innovations Committees, the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and our field, research, and community partners whose input and ideas helped shape and refine these strategic priorities. The discovery phase and mission revision work started in the fall of 2016, a year before I started as dean. During my interview visit to the University of Kansas, I learned about the new vision, mission and guiding principles and was both impressed by the collaborative work that had already begun, and the powerful language that the team had chosen to guide the School. In fact, this work was a deciding factor in my choosing to come to KU, as I thought it would be exciting to join and lead this committed group in putting action to the important words. 

Now four years later, I am still just as excited and continue to be humbled by the passion and support of our internal and external partners. Even in recent events of the past year, which in many cases could easily halt progress and innovation, our faculty and staff in the School of Social Welfare and our community partners have forged ahead with vigor and optimism, working hard to be as prepared as possible for this semester and those that follow. I am extremely proud of the dedication put forth by all to adjust, embrace, and create innovative, engaging and dynamic programming for our students and continuing education programs for our community. I am honored to be part of a school that continues to advance and grow vital research activities, while showing compassion by honoring our social work values and the unique and challenging situations that those we partner with and serve are facing.

The full strategic plan describes the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare’s four strategic priorities. These priorities enhance and improve the student, faculty, staff and community experience, provide the opportunity for advancing research, and dedicate resources to diversity, equity and inclusion. I value your thoughts as you read this report and welcome any input you may have. As always, please reach out to me with questions or concerns at any time at

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Michelle Mohr Carney, PhD, MSSA
Dean and Professor
University of Kansas
School of Social Welfare 

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