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DSW Course Descriptions

Our DSW students graduate with advanced training in social work practice that allows you to go on to become innovative stewards of the discipline.

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Students in the DSW program at the University of Kansas, build a framework of leadership best practices, develop a deep understanding of research implementation, and take away critical learning theories to the social work classroom.

The program consists of 42 credit hours including the development of a final Capstone Project.

Courses fall into five domains:

  • Ethical & Historical Frameworks (3 hours)
  • Leadership & Administrative Practice Knowledge, Theories, and Skills (15 hours)
  • Research & Inquiry (9 hours)
  • Pedagogy & Instruction (9 hours)
  • Capstone Portfolio Seminars (6 hours)

Visit the KU Academic Catalog to find complete DSW Degree Requirements.

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Course Descriptions

Category One : Ethical and Historical Frameworks


Category Two : Leadership and Administrative Practice Knowledge, Theory and Skills


Category 3: Research and Inquiry


Category 4: Pedagogy and Instruction


Category 5: Capstone Portfolio Seminars


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