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The Student Support Coordinator at the KU School of Social Welfare works to create supports for students’ well-being and success at all levels and in all educational spaces – Lawrence, Edwards, Pittsburg, Salina and online.

Who is the School of Social Welfare Student Support Coordinator?


Vanessa Sanburn, LMSW, is the Student Support Coordinator for the School of Social Welfare. Vanessa earned her MSW from KU in 2011 and has served as both an adjunct instructor and field instructor for the School. She has spent much of her social work career working with and in public schools, most recently providing student support at the Lawrence College & Career Academy.

About Vanessa Sanburn

Vanessa Sanburn joined the School of Social Welfare as Student Support Coordinator in July 2023.

"I’m excited to be in this role within the School of Social Welfare, building my work around supporting the next generation of social workers! I know that social work is an extremely rewarding career path that also demands robust self care practices, healthy boundaries, and a willingness to ask for and receive support," Sanburn said.

"The 2021 Code of Ethics notes that 'professional demands, challenging workplace climates, and exposure to trauma warrant that social workers maintain personal and professional health, safety, and integrity.' Thinking about and developing these practices while studying social work will help support thriving long-term within the field of social work," Sanburn said.

"I’m eager to address the needs of students within the School of Social Welfare who are experiencing challenges, helping navigate the resources available within the University of Kansas and in the communities where our students live and work."

Connect with Vanessa

Vanessa is typically available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and by appointment.

She offices out of Twente Hall, Room 121, and can also meet in person for office hours at the Edwards Campus, by appointment. Students are invited to sign up to meet with Vanessa on Calendly.

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Student Support Coordinator

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