Child Welfare Certificate

The purpose of the Certificate in Child Welfare is to provide seniors in the undergraduate program with specialized knowledge and skills to prepare for a career in the field of child welfare. The Certificate in Child Welfare offers specialized training in social work practice with children and families who are involved with the child welfare system and provides a children and families based practicum.

What are the requirements for the certificate?

  • SW 601 Field Practicum with an agency that is working with children and families as part of the child welfare system - 12 hours*
  • Undergraduate mini-course SW 634 Social Work Practice in Child Welfare - 1.5 hours
  • One additional mini-course: SW 631Interpersonal Violence; SW 632 Substance Use and Abuse or SW 633 Crisis Intervention - 1.5 hours
  • SW 610 and SW 612 Practicum Seminars with a child welfare emphasis - 6 hours
  • Applied Behavioral Science and Psychology general education requirement for the BSW program - 6 hours

How to apply?

  • Complete the form to apply by December 1.

* Field practicum provisions

  • Practicums in the child welfare system are limited and will be prioritized for students pursuing the Certificate in Child Welfare
  • Practicums that meet the criteria for the Certificate will be assigned as opposed to selected by the student
  • As with any other practicum, students must successfully interview with the assigned agency
  • Students are required to attend a meeting with the Field Education Office for resume and interview preparation 
  • The Field Education Office will work to accommodate requests and match students to a practicum that meets their career goals

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