Child Welfare Certificate

Certificate Overview

The KU School of Social Welfare’s Certificate in Child Welfare provides seniors in the BSW Program with specialized knowledge and skills to prepare them for a career in child welfare.

The Certificate in Child Welfare offers specialized training in social work practice with children and families who are involved with the child welfare system and provides a child welfare practicum as part of the experience.

What are the requirements for the Certificate in Child Welfare?

Visit the KU Academic Catalog for a list of requirements for the Certificate in Child Welfare

Field practicum must be with an agency that is working with children and families as part of the child welfare system.** 

** Practicum provisions 

  • Practicums in the child welfare system are limited and will be prioritized for students pursuing the Certificate in Child Welfare. 

  • Practicums that meet the criteria for the Certificate will be assigned as opposed to selected by the student. 

  • As with any other practicum, students must successfully interview with the assigned agency. 

  • Students are required to attend a meeting with the Practicum Education Office for resume and interview preparation. 

  • The Practicum Education Office will work to accommodate requests and match students to a practicum that meets their career goals. 

How do I apply for the Certificate in Child Welfare?

  • Contact in the spring semester of your BSW junior year to apply for the Undergraduate Certificate in Child Welfare.