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MSW Advising & Enrollment

Quality teaching, mentoring, advising and enrollment assistance.

Newly admitted MSW students enroll the day of Orientation. The Advanced Standing and Traditional MSW Orientations are held separately on different dates (which may be found in the admissions email). Up until Orientation Day, all newly admitted MSW students have a “SWH Advising” hold on their account. Students do not need to take any action to have this hold removed. The School of Social Welfare advisors will remove this hold the morning of Orientation when it is time for students to enroll.

Current students that have already been enrolled in MSW courses and are needing to enroll in a future term do not need to meet with an advisor before they enroll. The University Registrar assigns an enrollment date and time for each student. This can be found in the Manage Classes section of Enroll & Pay under the “Enrollment Dates” tab. A student can begin enrolling after that date and time has passed. The Academic Advisors will send MSW students emails with additional details about enrolling.

Every enrolled MSW student has a “No Drops” hold placed on their account. This will not prevent students from enrolling in courses. It will keep them from accidently dropping a course. The MSW program only offers most required courses once per year. If a course is dropped, the graduation date is likely pushed back an entire year. The hold prompts students to reach out to advisors before dropping so they can have a conversation about the implications dropping can have to their graduation timeline.

Each student also has a faculty member assigned as an advisor for consultation on career matters, fields of practice, and concentration. For more information on MSW program advising, please review the MSW Handbook.

Practicum Education

The Practicum Education Office works closely with students and agencies to secure an enriching field practicum experience. Every effort is made to locate a field placement within a one-hour drive from the student's home.
Laurie Hart associate field director sitting with field education student at field placement site with children who the agency serves

Academic Advisors