Affiliate Trainers

Request for Qualifications

The purpose of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to gather qualifications from potential affiliates who are qualified and interested in providing technical assistance and training services on behalf of the Center for Community Engagement & Collaboration (CCEC) at the University of Kansas. This RFQ is open to independent contractors only (no nonprofit consultancies or agencies).

Background on the CCEC

Founded in 2018 within the University of Kansas’ School of Social Welfare, the CCEC provides technical assistance, training services and evaluation services to nonprofit and for-profit organizations, foundations and government agencies regarding program evaluation, organizational capacity-building, data collection & analysis, and more. We provide trainings for organizations, as well as trainings for social work practitioners to earn CEUs (continuing education units) to maintain their licensure.

In this RFQ, the CCEC is specifically looking for affiliates with expertise in training groups in areas relevant to the social work profession. Compensation for trainings through the CCEC are $150 per CEU credit hour taught per presenter.

Application Professional Continuing Education (Training)

Addressing professional development and education needs of social workers and other human service sector professionals in the community. Providing innovative methods of professional education appropriate for the fast paced, technology driven, resource sparse environment of the human service sector. This division works closely with community professionals and agencies to identify and develop more specialized education and workforce development trainings or courses needed by the community workforce (e.g. job readiness, medical social work).


Proposals will be accepted via email only. Complete and submit the Statement of Qualifications along with your resume or curriculum vitae to

The Statement of Qualifications should be no longer than 5 pages, minimum 11 point font, and submitted as a Word or PDF document.


    Reference this CCEC RFQ somewhere on the title page along with your name, email, phone number and current date.
    1. Professional bio and qualifications:
      1. Provide your professional bio along with relevant qualifications
      2. Co-facilitators: If you work with any partners or have staff that may work on any project on behalf of CCEC, please list their bios and relevant qualifications here
      3. List of any professional licenses, if applicable
    2. Work History: List of organizations you have provided training for. Be as specific as possible in detailing the work you performed on their behalf and whether it was paid or pro-bono. Please include dates and who in the organization you worked with.
    3. References: Three references with contact information and description of relationship
    1. List the topic areas you have significant knowledge of and/or have experience presenting on. Please provide a brief description of your experience in each area listed.

Submission Deadline

There is no deadline for submission; applications from qualified individuals may be submitted at any time. The RFQ will remain open until further notification. The University of Kansas reserves the right to request more information from potential affiliates at any time.

Selection Criteria

Affiliates will be chosen based on the need of particular subject matter expertise at any given time. An applicant’s experience level and past trainings will be used to evaluate their application. The CCEC will verify licenses and/or references as part of the vetting process.


All affiliates MUST possess their own professional liability insurance. Proof of insurance may be requested by the CCEC at any time. The University of Kansas reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and may enter into multiple contracts with any affiliates it deemed qualified through this procurement process.

Compensation & Costs

Affiliates will be paid an honorarium of $150 per credit hour taught. (For example, a 1.5 hour class would be $225 and a 2 hour class would be $300.) Even if the training is recorded and used multiple times, there will only be one honorarium payment. If there are multiple trainers, each will receive the same compensation. There is no compensation for travel expenses or other extraneous costs. Standard handouts can be printed by the CCEC at the CCEC’s expense.

Review and Next Steps

Reviews will take place as Statements for Qualifications come in and an applicant can expect to hear back from a representative of CCEC within one month of their application. Being chosen as an affiliate does not guarantee work, but provides the opportunity to work on behalf of CCEC.

Contact Information

Questions may be sent to the Center for Community Engagement and Collaboration: Visit our CCEC webpage for more details.