Center for Research to Transform Systems

The Center for Research to Transform Systems for Family Community & Social Justice (CRTS) engages in projects, initiatives and research, including implementing and evaluating innovative approaches to serving children, families, and their communities.

About CRTS

“We want to transform the system as it currently exists, so it is equitably serving families, so every family has an opportunity for positive outcomes, so that it’s not a punitive system, and when families do experience crises and need additional support, it is easily accessible and delivered without stigma.”

Dr. Kaela Byers, Co-Director


"We strive to do our work in a collaborative, community-engaged and community-driven, and strengths-oriented manner.”

Dr. Becci Akin, Co-Director

CRTS Vision

“Our vision is equitable ecosystems that support families, communities and social justice.” Dr. Jared Barton, Co-Director


Becci Akin

Becci Akin

jared barton

Jared Barton

kaela byers

Kaela Byers


CRTS In the News

  • Center Launch

    Center for Research to Transform Systems for Family, Community & Social Justice Launches: New center will focus on work that helps families thrive

  • New Center Launch

    School of Social Welfare Launches New Center for Research to Transform Systems for Family, Community and Social Justice

  • Foster Care

    KU-led study explore predictive factors of youths who run from foster care

  • KS Racial Equity Collaborative

    Collaborative to Build Statewide Capacity for Addressing Racial Disproportionality in the Kansas Child Welfare System