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Results Oriented Management (ROM)

Results Oriented Management provides affordable reporting solutions for agencies on the frontlines protecting the most vulnerable. Our reporting application transforms complex data into usable and meaningful measurements.

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The ROM Process

Collect Agency Data

We gather all agency data, helping track it down from outside sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau, CCWIS/SACWIS, and other data sources for additional validation. 

Common Data Model

We form ROM base working tables and mapping routines, which can be either custom built or developed in consultation with the agency.

Data Validation

We run regular quality assurance routines and exception reports that can be made available to all users or only to administrators.

Longitudinal Reporting Database

We analyze calculated report tables and core defined outcomes. Custom reports can be integrated alongside core reporting models.

Reporting Interface

All data is accessible through the web-based reporting application and API endpoints for integration with CCWIS reporting modules or agency BI applications.

Case Studies

ROM Partners

  • Colorado Dept. of Human Services

  • Connecticut Dept. for Children and Families

  • Oregon Dept. of Human Services

  • Iowa Dept. of Human Services

  • New Hampshire Dept. of Health and Human Services

  • New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Dept.

  • Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services

  • Wyoming Dept. of Family Services

  • Vermont Dept. for Children and Families (Family Service Division)

  • TFI Family Services, Inc

  • KU Research Collaborative on Children & Families

ROM Statistics

State and Local Child Welfare Partners
Child Welfare Reports Across Multiple Domains
*Report Domains include; Foster Care, In-home services, Intake, Child protective services, Federal indicators, Custom reporting for local performance management and improvement
Reports Viewed Each Year
Public Sites Providing Transparency and Accountability of Child Welfare Data Indicators

ROM Team

Jared Barton

Jared Barton

ROM Director, Assistant Research Professor
Jon Sushinsky

Jon Sushinsky

Associate Director
Chad Shaver

Chad Shaver

ROM Site Liaison
Lynda Heimbach

Lynda Heimbach

IT Project Manager