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Adding Value & Expanding Opportunities

What is Integrated Health Care?

Integrated health care is provided by a team of behavioral health and primary care clinicians, working together with individuals and families, using a systemic and cost-effective approach to provide patient-centered care for a defined population. This care may address mental health, substance use, health behaviors and conditions, life stressors and crises, stress-related physical symptoms and ineffective patterns of health care utilization (adapted from Peek, 2013).

Watch the new video below featuring Social Workers in Integrated Health Care in Kansas talk about the work they do.

What is the Integrated Health Scholars Program?

The Integrated Health Scholars Program (IHSP)  provides a value-added educational experience for exceptional MSW students to develop knowledge and skills in integrated mental health, substance use, and primary health care services.

The goal of the IHSP program is to expand the number of social work professionals prepared to serve populations across the lifespan in integrated healthcare settings in rural and urban medically underserved areas in Kansas.

Benefits of the Scholars Program

KU School of Social Welfare Integrated Health Scholars:

  • Receive a ten thousand dollar ($10K) scholarship for the advanced year
  • Complete a clinical field practicum offering interprofessional learning opportunities
  • Participate in enhanced training outside of the standard coursework to develop knowledge and skills to address mental health, substance use and physical health and wellness.

Eligibility for the Scholars Program

Potential Scholars must:

  • Be entering their advanced year field practicum of the MSW program (applying either as a current foundation student in good standing or incoming advanced standing student)
  • Elect the clinical concentration along with a practice focus in health/mental health (if applicable).
  • Agree to field practicum in an approved Scholars field site offering integrated behavioral health care (e.g., primary care clinics, hospitals).
  • Commit to pursuing employment in behavioral health practice after graduation
  • Participate in project evaluation throughout the school year and up to 2-years post-graduation (e.g. annual survey)

The Integrated Health Scholars Program supports students attending all four MSW campuses.

Application & Selection Process for the Scholars Program

Applications are now closed. All application materials needed to be submitted by the deadline of January 15 for students who plan to begin the Scholars Program the following fall.


Mental health and substance abuse social workers and school counselors are needed in the nation
Employment growth for advanced mental health practitioners in Kansas by 2020



"Admittedly, when I applied for the Scholar's Program, my primary motivation was the scholarship money. I would have never dreamed that the value of the trainings incorporated into the program would surpass the value of the scholarship money- but they have! Especially living in a rural area, having access to top-quality trainings with experts in the field have been experiences that are second to none. The trainings have covered practical information that is directly applicable to social work practice. As a future social worker of Western Kansas, the opportunity to become better prepared and more highly educated has been a privilege. I am so grateful that the Scholar's Program has allowed all this to be at my fingertips here in Western Kansas!"
- Jessica Albin, Former Scholar, Western Kansas MSW Program


Other interest areas of the Scholars Program


More than 60 million Americans experience devastating one-two punches to their health - they have inadequate access to basic health care while also enduring the effects of discrimination, poverty, and dangerous environments that accelerate higher rates of illness
- Grand Challenges for Social Work



The IHSP is funded by a Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training award from the Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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