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Two MSW Students Receive DEI Fellowship for 2020-21 School Year

Monday, June 29, 2020

We are excited to share with you that the School's Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has awarded Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fellowships to two MSW students. The applicant pool was greatly increased from last year and was very competitive. We are excited about the research these two fellows will be doing and their coordination with the DEI program at the School. Please congratulate Genilda Journey and Diana Lady! They will each receive a $6,000 scholarship and have $1,000 for research funds to use. Their projects are listed below. Additionally, we had a runner-up this year. While this does not come with a scholarship, we were so impressed by the application, that we wanted to acknowledge Athena Horton with a runner-up title!

DEI Fellows, 2020-2021

Genilda Journey, Edwards Campus
“The correlation between the Mental Health of African American Inmates and Recidivism rates”

Diana Lady, Edwards Campus
“Migrant Farmworkers and Disabilities: Creation of a Kansas Farmworker Toolkit”


Runner-up: Athena Horton
“Impact of Peer Support on Housing Outcomes for Racial Minorities with Mental Health Disabilities, Transitioning Out of Homelessness”

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