Integrated Health Scholars Program

Integrated Health Scholars Program

Our Purpose

To increase the supply of social work professionals prepared to provide high-quality integrated behavioral health services in rural and other high need and high demand communities.

Integrated Health Scholars

We provide a value-added educational experience for exceptional clinical MSW students at KU to develop knowledge and skills for interprofessional clinical practice and leadership in integrated health care. Each year, we support approximately 28 Scholars who: 

  • Receive a $10K scholarship during their specialization year (fall/spring)
  • Complete a clinical field practicum offering interprofessional learning opportunities in sites such as primary care clinics, hospitals, mental health and substance use treatment centers
  • Participate in “value-added” monthly training in telehealth and integrated, culturally competent care for children, youth and adults experiencing or at risk for behavioral health disorders
  • Receive support for job placement through community partnerships and guidance on career development
  • Complete and present a Capstone Project highlighting a practice innovation or improvement project at their field practicum
  • Commit to pursuing post-graduation employment in behavioral health within an underserved community
  • Join an informal network of Scholar graduates across Kansas, western Missouri and beyond

Project Information

  • PI: Michelle Levy

  • Co-PI: Jason Matejkowski, PhD

  • Sponsor: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services' Health Resources & Services Administration

Key Partners

  • KU Medical Center for Interprofessional Education

  • Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center

  • Community Care Network of Kansas

  • KU Medical Center School of Nursing & Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

  • KU School of Pharmacy

2023-2024 Application Information

Applications for the 2023-24 Scholars will open in late 2022

Integrated Health Care

This video, created by the Scholars Program, conveys key aspects of what social workers do in integrated health care settings. The video defines integrated health care, highlights the unique role and a “typical” day for social workers in integrated care, and identifies the impact that social workers can make in these settings. Special thanks to the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas and HealthCore Clinic for their contributions to this video.

Social Workers in Integrated Health Care


COVID-19 was a catalyst for the expansion of tele-behavioral health service provision that is here to stay. The Scholars Program promotes technology integration and training for classroom and field educators to support safe, ethical, and competent telebehavioral health provision.

Scholars Training

Value-Added Training

Scholars participate in required monthly seminars (outside of standard coursework) offered in blended and experiental format to build knowledge and skills in clinical practice, professional development and leadership in integrated health care. Seminars include interprofessional practitioner-led sessions that take place at agencies that provide integrated health services. Seminars address a range of brief interventions and current topics such as 

  • Engaging Individuals in Person-Centered, Trauma-Informed Care​
  • ​Providing Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care
  • Motivational Interviewing:  Enhancing Motivation for Behavior Change
  • The Intersection of Culture & Place:  Promoting Health in Medically Underserved Communities
  • Substance Use Interventions:  Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Interprofessional Practice and Collaborative Team-Based Care (with the KU School of Nursing and KU Medical Center)
  • Standardized Patient Interprofessional Experience (with KU School of Pharmacy)
  • Health Care Leadership in Rural and Medically Underserved Communities

Each training includes content on telehealth and technology.

Practicum-based Training

Practicum sites for Scholars provide opportunities to experience working in integrated health (settings addressing physical and behavioral health) providing team-based care with rural and other underserved individuals. Field sites vary from year to year depending upon where current Scholars reside. Sites include Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), primary care clinics, hospitals, community mental health centers (CMHCs), substance use treatment programs, and other behavioral health service agencies. On occasion, Scholars may be placed in schools or specialty mental health settings. The Scholars Team works closely with the Field Education Office to match Scholars with practicum sites that align with student interests and Scholars requirements.

A unique aspect of field for Scholars is the requirement to complete a Capstone Project that features innovative work done at their field practicum. Each year, Scholars develop programs and influence social work practices that contribute to their agencies. Students present highlights of their work in a professional poster which is shared at a community event.

If you are an agency interested in providing field education for an Integrated Health Scholar, please contact us!

The Scholars

Learn more about current & former scholars

Integrated Health Scholars

Rebekkah Aarnes              Saint Luke’s Health System – Progressive Care (Kansas City)

Brenda Adams                  Community Health Center-SEK school-based clinic (Pittsburg)

Courtney Alexander          Van Go, Inc. (Lawrence)

Gabriella Barnum              Swope Health Services (Kansas City)

Tobi Barta                        Midland Care Connection (Topeka)

Isabelle Bauguess               Valeo Behavioral Health (Topeka)

Edan Belihu                      University of Kansas Health System-Case Management (Kansas City)

Jacob Bigus                      Interpersonal Psychiatry (Lawrence)

Toni Bond                        University of Kansas Health System Strawberry Hill (Kansas City)

Kasey Garzillo Bossard       Lawrence Public Schools (Lawrence)

Tennyson Clary                Family Guidance Center (Saint Joseph)

Mirissa Corbin                  Truman Medical Center -Hospital Hill (Kansas City)

Olivia Doucas                   Research Psychiatric Center (Kansas City)

Michele Fields                   Four County Mental Health Center (Independence)

Chelsea Fluker                  Children’s Mercy (Kansas City)

Leah Friesen                     University of Kansas Medical Center Alzheimer’s Disease Center (KC)

Chasity Gaultney               DCCCA (Lawrence)

Kristin George                   Atchison Community Health Clinic (Atchison)

Amanda Graham              Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas clinic (Pittsburg)

Brandi Harris                    Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas (Pittsburg)

Linda Her                        Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center (Iola)

Jordyn Hudson                 Children’s Mercy (Kansas City)

Avery Johnson                 Compass Behavioral Health (Garden City)

Kimberly Johnson             Satori Counseling Services (Lawrence)

Kim Keating                      Pawnee Mental Health Center - Crisis (Manhattan)

Kelsey Klema                    Blue Valley Schools (Overland Park)

TJ Lakin                           Four County Mental Health Center (Parsons)

Talita Leikam                    Children’s Mercy (Kansas City)

Ivette Martinez                 Children’s Mercy (Kansas City)

Auriana McConnell           Truman Medical Center Behavioral Health (Kansas City)

Rachel Parrish                   KVC Residential Hospital for Children (Kansas City)

Misty Phillips                    Osawatomie State Hospital (Osawatomie)

Melissa Jones Ramig          Goodland Medical Center (Goodland)

Jonathan Ruiz                   Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center (Kansas City)

Zoey Sallaz                       Johnson County Mental Health - Addiction & Crisis (Kansas City)

Chelsi Scott                       Access Family Care (Joplin)

Mikayla Sova                   Rediscover (Kansas City)

Angela Swetnam               Foster/Adopt Connect (Lenexa)

Emma Unsderfer               Children’s Mercy/Blue Valley School District (Kansas City)

Bailey Wilson                   Headquarters Counseling Center (Lawrence)

Ariane Wright                   University of Kansas Health System-Case Management (Kansas City)

Amber Young                   University of Kansas Medical Center Primary Care (Kansas City)

Paola Alor - Olathe Medical Center Oncology
Angela Beims - Salina Family Health Care
Allyson Bence - Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas (Frontenac schools)
Jama Bettis - Lawrence Memorial Hospital Case Management
Anneliese Beye - Tri-County Special Education Interlocal #607 (Independence)
Jasmine Brown - Satori Counseling Services (Lawrence)
Kayla Cosby - Ozark Center New Direction Residential Facility (Joplin)
Alyssa Deem - Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas (Pittsburg schools)
Philip DeGraffenreid - Health Partnership Clinic (Olathe)
Jareth  Del Real - Osawatomie State Hospital
Mickey Dick - Visiting Nurses Association (Lawrence)
Alisha Dinges - Kelly Center, Fort Hays State University
Mary Hurchins - Joplin Avalon Hospice
Julianne Jackson - University of Kansas Health Systems Case Management
Tykeisha Kelly - KVC Residential Hospital for Children (Kansas City)
Shelby Lines - Sam Rodgers Health Clinic (Kansas City)
Isabella Meisel - Children's Mercy (Kansas City)
Stefany Ortiz - HealthCore (Wichita)
Viviana Patino - KVC Residential Hospital for Children (Kansas City)
Kristin Quangvan - Saint Luke's Primary Care (Smithville)
Elizabeth Reid - Vibrant Health (Kansas City)
Viridiana Reyes Coria - Crosswinds Counseling and Wellness (Emporia)
Raven Rhoads - St Joseph School District
Jordan Rollins - Ozark Center Community Care Program (Joplin)
Kelsey Savastano - University of Kansas Medical Center Acute Rehab
Katherine Schneider - Mirror- KCK Residential
Desire Seitz - Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas (Pittsburg clinic)
Kelsey Smith - University of Kansas Medical Center Primary Care (Kansas City)

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Project Leadership