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Research Staff

Research Office Manager
Twente Hall, Room 209
Bruns, Kimberly
Projects Coordinator
Edwards Campus, Regnier Hall 270

Project Coordinator for the Kansas Assessment Permanency Project (KAPP) and KU SSW Center of Children & Families. Twenty years of experience on federal/state child welfare and justice projects at the SSW. Areas of interest include privatization of child welfare serves, university partnerships with child welfare agencies, and supervision and coaching practices.

Davis-Groves, Sharah
Project Manager
Twente Hall, Room 3C

Development of family driven systems of care in children's mental health; and encouraging youth voice in policy and program development.

Eichler, Monika Szucs
Supported Housing Coordinator

Monika coordinates activities related to supported housing initiatives. A Supported Housing Fidelity Scale and Resource Guide have been developed in the past few years. Monika is the official coordinator of activities for international visitors coming to the Office.

Holmes, Cheryl
Associate Researcher
Twente Hall, Room 5

Children's Mental Health, Frontier and Rural Health, and Systems Interactions/Collaboration.

Levy, Michelle Marie
Research Associate
Watkins Home, Room 210

Behavioral health and child welfare workforce development, children’s health and mental health, consumer engagement and systems collaboration.

Mabry, Ally
Research Project Director, Strengths Based Case Management & Shared Decision-Making Consultant/Trainer
Watkins Home, Room 211

Ally provides technical support and assistance to mental health centers that are implementing strengths-based case management. She also works on implementing CommonGround in Kansas to aid in shared decision making between consumers and their psychiatric providers.

Twente Hall, Room 311
Moore, Terry
Project Director
Watkins Home, Room 209

Child welfare management; management reporting; use of data in program improvement planning and management decision making; outcomes research; program evaluation; risk assessment; and abuse/neglect prevention with public assistance populations.

Spencer, Kellie
Shared Decision Consultant and Trainer
Watkins Home, Room 213A

Kellie serves as a consultant and trainer directly supporting community mental health agencies in developing recovery oriented and strengths based programs with the ultimate aim of improving the lives and amplifying the voices of those impacted by the mental health system. They have provided assistance within the practices of strengths-based case management, IMR: Illness Management & Recovery, CommonGround, WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan, Housing First, and peer support services.

Research Project Coordinator
Watkins Home, Room 7B

Center for Research on Aging and Disability Options

Wendel-Hummell, Carrie
Project Manager
Watkins Home, Room 108

Center for Research on Aging and Disability Options

Social Welfare Events