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Message from Interim Dean Regarding Executive Order on Immigration

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

From Interim Dean Steve Kapp

We at the School of Social Welfare endorse Chancellor Gray-Little comment "This state and nation were settled by immigrants, and immigrants continue to make immeasurable contributions to our society.” Read full statement.

The settlement house movement in the late 1800s created and fostered some of the first social welfare programs in the United States, some of which still exist today. At the time, these founders of the social work profession recognized the importance of providing services and support for the millions immigrating to the United States. This movement provided the opportunity for those in need of a safe place to thrive, succeed and contribute to our country. Our commitment to these individuals and their families is just as important now as it was in the late 1800s.

Our Code of Ethics provides the directive, "to strive to end discrimination, oppression, poverty and other social injustice.” As social workers we have a resolute commitment to this directive.

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