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Ph.D. in Social Work

Financial Aid

If enrolled in full-time study, the KU School of Social Welfare will guarantee four years of financial support, as long as student remains in good standing in the program. In most cases, this will consist of a 50 percent appointment as a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), or a combination of the two and paid tuition. Occasionally, funding may include a higher percentage appointment and/or a fellowship. Many of the GRAs receive funding through one of our four research centers:

Other research and funding opportunities are often available through individual faculty research projects in many areas. Applicants are asked to name their fields of interest to help match student interest with available funding opportunities.

"KU SSW offers varied research training opportunities with talented researchers backed by solid financial support," said a recent doctoral graduate.

In addition, many of our students take advantage of opportunities to teach as GTAs. These students are carefully mentored to strengthen their teaching approaches and skills.

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