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Strengths with Children & Young Adults


Strengths Model for Youth: Moving toward a client-centered strengths-based model of case management in community mental health

Speakers: Dr. Amy Mendenhall, University of Kansas; Whitney Grube, University of Kansas & Nikolaus Schuetz, University of Kansas

This presentation discusses the Strengths Model for Youth case management model (SM-Y) and the implementation of the Model in one community mental health center. Participants will learn about case management services within the context of child and adolescent community mental health and the challenges experienced by families and staff. Furthermore, participants will learn specific model components and will learn about the philosophical underpinnings of SM-Y. Finally, participants will hear a discussion regarding the SM-Y model’s impact on the agency, providers, and youth.


Fidelity, Not Inflexibility: Thinking Creatively about Implementation of the Strengths Model        

Speakers: Dr. Elizabeth Schoenfeld, PhD, LifeWorks & Brooke White, LifeWorks

Although fidelity guidelines are meant to support the implementation of evidence-based and evidence-informed programs, organizations and providers often find these guidelines to be overly restrictive and, as a result, feel as though they do not have permission to innovate. However, long-term sustainability typically requires some degree of adaptation to the unique needs of the organization. In this presentation, we will describe how one organization successfully adapted the Strengths Model to fit the needs of its programs by consolidating supervision requirements into a single position and adopting an interdisciplinary approach to group supervision. We will describe the benefits and challenges that accompanied these modifications, and we offer specific recommendations for practitioners interested in implementing the Strengths Model in complex organizational settings.