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Plenary from Germany

A Look at Strengths-Based Social Work in Germany - Concepts and Methods

Speakers: Dr. Corinna Ehlers, University of Applied Sciences and Art (HAWK) in Hildesheim, Germany & Dr. Matthias Müller, University of Applied Sciences in Neubrandenburg, Germany

The presentation will focus on the development of the strengths perspective and strengths-oriented case management in German speaking areas. It will describe how the strengths-based case management model is adapted, as well as how elements of this model are implemented in different fields of social work. It is used for example, within migration and integration counseling where a needs-oriented individual counseling is statutory. Furthermore, a strengths assessment that enables a structured evaluation in the following three areas will be introduced: 1) personal character strengths, 2) abilities/skills and 3) needs will be introduced. Lastly, its applications in social work education will be presented.