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Research Clusters

Research Clusters were designed to foster an integrated and inclusive environment for scholarship and research. Research Clusters work towards advancing the science and knowledge base of social work through collaboration, curriculum, scholarship and research.



Building on strengths and resources to reach goals and address challenges.

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Child & Family Well-being

Promoting child and family well-being through prevention, intervention, and system change.

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Social & Economic Justice

Working towards social and economic justice across individuals and systems.

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Health Equity


Supporting access, equity and quality in health service delivery and outcomes.

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Behavioral Health

Advancing mental, emotional, and behavioral health across the lifespan.

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Older Adults

Advancing quality of life and community integration for older adults.

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Global Social Work

Collaborating globally to build and share knowledge and address injustices.

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Social Welfare Research Office

Our goal is to conduct, disseminate and translate theoretical and empirically informed scholarship and research that impacts the social work knowledge base and transforms practice and policy. Click here to see Research Office resources.

Social Welfare Research Events