New tenure-track faculty to start at School of Social Welfare for the 2023-2024 academic year

The University of Kansas School of Social Welfare is excited to announce two new tenure-track faculty. The new faculty bring with them innovative research knowledge and expertise to the School. Please take a moment to read more about our new scholars.

Tadeo Weiner-Davis (he/him)

Tadeo earned a MSW and PhD (expected June 2023) from the University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy and Practice. Weiner-Davis’ research focuses on community organizing and social movements, urban politics and the dynamics of race and class in urban settings. He is interested in how marginalized groups respond to urban development processes that increase the risk of residential displacement, neighborhood gentrification, and the privatization of public goods. Tadeo was born in La Paz, Bolivia and grew up in Kansas City.

Dr. Whitney Grube (she/her)

Dr. Whitney Grube (LMSW, PhD) completed her PhD from the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare in 2020 and is currently an Associate Researcher within the School. Dr. Grube’s primary area of scholarship is focused on children and adolescents experiencing complex and severe mental health disorders, community mental health services, and Medicaid waivers used as interventions for children experiencing a serious emotional disturbance (SED). Currently, Dr. Grube is co-leading the evaluation of a federally funded universal primary prevention program, co-designed with families and communities, aimed at demonstrating an integrated, cross-sector approach leading to comprehensive child and family well-being systems.