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We are seeking agencies to offer a clinical field practicum our Integrated Health Scholars.

What is the Integrated Health Scholars Field Practicum?

Field education is considered the “signature pedagogy” of social work education. The advanced year clinical practicum for all KUSSW students consists of a minimum of 24 hours per week for a total of 30 weeks over the course of one academic year (fall and spring semester). Students are required to complete a minimum total of 720 hours by the end of the spring practicum schedule. A minimum of 50% of the practicum hours must be focused on direct practice activities. All students work with their field instructors (masters-level social workers) to develop a learning contract that outlines the activities they will pursue in order to demonstrate clinical practice behaviors and meet defined competencies.

For Integrated Health Scholars, the clinical practicum will meet the following additional requirements:

Sites must offer integrated health care that includes two or more professions providing team-based care for rural, vulnerable and/or medically underserved individuals. In addition to the standard KUSSW field practicum requirements, the sites agree to:

  • Support the Scholar(s) to participate in a IHSP seminar providing didactic learning and skills development in integrated behavioral health
  • Offer learning opportunities that include interprofessional practice experiences
  • Provide an opportunity for the Scholar(s) to complete a Capstone project that will contribute to a current organization need
  • Participate in interprofessional field instructor training

Who are Integrated Health Scholars?

Integrated Health Scholars are selected MSW students who:

  • Receive a ten thousand dollar ($10K) scholarship for the advanced year
  • Complete a clinical field practicum offering interprofessional learning opportunities
  • Participate in enhanced training outside of the standard coursework to develop knowledge and skills to address mental health, substance use and physical health and wellness
  • Sign a letter of commitment agreeing to seek work in integrated health and participate in a two-year follow-up with the program

What are Examples of Field Learning Opportunities for Scholars?

Field sites for Scholars include primary care clinics, FQHCs, hospitals, community mental health centers, and other agencies that provide integrated care for behavioral and physical health needs with a focus on rural and urban medically underserved. The following are examples of possible learning activities (agencies are not required to provide each of these opportunities):

  • Clarify client’s presenting problem and use motivational interviewing to engage clients in the change process to reach health goals.
  • Complete mental health, substance use, and social determinants of health screenings with clients (SBIRT, PHQ9, etc.).
  • Consult with medical staff to obtain clarification and offer ideas about clients’ diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • Conduct brief interventions and patient education for managing behavioral health concerns such as depression or anxiety symptoms.
  • Attend healthcare providers’ morning huddles and offer assistance in counseling patients on smoking cessation, weight management, and/or other behavioral health goals.
  • Utilize a warm handoff for clients needing medical evaluations according to their symptomatology.
  • Address food insecurity, transportation, and other social needs related to health and access to care.
  • Work with administration and staff to address school-wide concerns such as bullying and or drug/alcohol usage.

If you are interested in providing field education for an Integrated Health Scholar, please contact us!

The IHSP is funded by a Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training award from the Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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