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Student Resources

Beginning the week of March 23, ALL courses will be taught remotely using online tools throughout the rest of the semester. 

The University of Kansas provides many resources to assist with moving from in-person to remote teaching, studying and working. Please visit remote.ku.edu for more information.

Additional resources are provided below.

Get Ready

Please use the extended period away from classes (March 16 – March 22) to prepare for the transition to online instruction.

Be prepared to use these devices and services while off-campus:

  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Webcam with microphone
  • Secure Internet connection
  • Smartphone, tablet, or telephone (for Duo - Student Employees)
  • Please communicate with your course instructors I any of these devices are inaccessible to you. Also, you can let us know if you need assistance locating such devices by completing the form located here.

Get setup with these tools and services:

KU efforts to ensure a successful rapid remote transition – resources for instructors, employees and students (PDF)


Blackboard Resources for Students; KU resource page

Blackboard Learn Videos for Students; directly from Blackboard

            Video Playlist: Working in Your Course

            Video Playlist: Setting Your Preferences and Environment

            Video Playlist: Staying Organized and Communicating

Blackboard mobile app; This app replaces the original Blackboard Learn mobile app, which Blackboard no longer supports. Please uninstall the Mobile Learn app and download this vendor-supported version.


Kaltura; a video streaming solution, so that KU Faculty, Students, and Staff can create and deliver multimedia content.  KU’s learning management system (Blackboard) integrates with Kaltura.  Also available, is MediaHub, where KU users have a private YouTube-like repository to post and share video content.

Kaltura Uploads (Share Audio and Video Files)

Upload and Share a Video in MediaHub

Add Video To Blackboard

Kaltura Express Capture (Webcam Recordings)

Create a webcam recording (video); Good for brief updates using your webcam, like weekly announcements and check-ins. Used often for student recording of speeches, assignment content and demonstrations. Can be accessed from text editor, so instructors could use for video feedback on assignments.

Kaltura Capture (Record Presentation from Your Computer)

Create a PowerPoint or Screen Capture recording (video); Annotation tools built-in to recording application. Presentation content or website walkthroughs - anything you can display onscreen. Kaltura Capture can be used by students, as well as Faculty, in MediaHub. Then share with instructor in Blackboard assignment.

Additional Kaltura Features

Kaltura's Video Editor (video); Edit your video online, after recording and/or uploading.

Captioning in Kaltura;  All videos in Kaltura are have machine-generated captions automatically added.  Those captions will include errors and are not considered accessible until you edit them for accuracy.  You can edit your captions with an online captions interface.


KU Zoom; Download the Zoom App, Join or Host a Meeting, Sign In

Using Zoom at KU Video Series

Using Zoom at KU (PDF)

Using iOS mobile devices (PDF)

For Students (PDF)

Cloud Recording with Zoom (PDF)

Self-study manual (PDF)

Accessibility, Closed Captions

Accessibility, Hot Keys

Zoom FAQs

Joining a Zoom Meeting by Phone

Zoom Video Tutorials

Join a Meeting

Scheduling a Meeting with Zoom Website

Meeting Controls

Scheduling a Meeting with Google Calendar

Scheduling a Meeting with Outlook

Assigning Scheduling Privilege in Outlook

Scheduling a Zoom Webinar

Breakout Rooms

Closed Captioning

All About Zoom Webinar

Recording a Zoom Meeting

Joining & Configuring Audio & Video

Sharing Your Screen

Sharing Multiple Screens Simultaneously

All About Recording

Recorded Training Sessions

Getting Started with Zoom
This 30-minute training session with live Q&A will provide a high-level tour of Zoom and cover the basics you need to get up and running.

Zoom Meetings Training
This 60-minute training session with live Q&A will review features applicable to Zoom Meetings and using the Zoom Client software. We will discuss scheduling and hosting your meetings.

Zoom Meetings for Education Training
This 45-minute training session with live Q&A will cover the power of virtual teaching and learning in the Zoom classroom for students and teachers.

Zoom Rooms Training
This 60-minute training session will cover the basics of setup and devices, scheduling with Zoom Rooms as well as hosting and participating in Zoom Room Meetings.

Zoom Webinar Training
This 60-minute training session with live Q&A will review Zoom features applicable to Zoom Video Webinar. We will discuss scheduling, customizing and hosting your events.

Telephonic Communication

Joining a Zoom Meeting by Phone

On-campus Wi-Fi - Students who want to get into the libraries to use computer terminals or Wi-Fi should call the front desk of the libraries.  The library doors are locked, but they will allow faculty or students in upon request.  Here are the numbers:

Watson 785-864-8983
Anschutz 785-864-4928

Field Placements

Message sent to Field Instructors and Liaisons sent March 9, 2020: Dean's Message: Coronavirus and Supporting Student Learning (PDF)

Field Education Continuity Plan (PDF)

Emergency Telemental Health Implementation: Moving Fast While Maintaining Standard of Care; a short free 30 minute webinar for those who want some basics about using the proper standard of care for telehealth.

ASWB update effective until 3/31 (PDF)

Field Education Zoom Office Hours via Zoom every Tuesday and Friday from Noon to 1:00 p.m. ays adn Fridays -  https://kansas.zoom.us/j/31637931

Advising & Enrollment

Please see the School's advising page for updates. If changes have been made to the typical process, the update will be listed at the top of the program section. 


How will I complete my courses?

In-person courses will resume on March 23 and will be held remotely - via Blackboard or other tools - per your instructor’s preference. You will hear from your individual instructors via email prior to classes resuming. Instructors will maintain flexibility in how they teach to allow for WiFi accessibility issues, illness, and other factors. We want all of our students complete their courses and earn their credits.

I am supposed to graduate in May. Will I be able to graduate?

The School of Social Welfare’s ultimate goal is to make sure our students stay on their current graduation timeline. To do so, you will need to remain in consistent communication regarding any difficulties you have with your online coursework, your practicum hours and your health. We will work with you one on one to make sure we support you and the completion of your degree.

What if I don’t have reliable internet or computer access?

Please connect with your Instructor who will be able to provide additional information.

What about presentations that I was supposed to give in person?

Presentations and projects will be modified to reflect the new distance learning policies. This will not affect your grade.

What about group projects?

Presentations and projects will be modified to reflect the new distance learning policies. This will not affect your grade.

What if I get sick and cannot complete my coursework?

Please reach out to your Instructor, they will work with you to come up with an alternate plan for completion.

Can a student worker work remotely?

We are discussing ways that we can keep students working during this time, as we know that source of income is important. There may be options for remote work. Please contact your individual supervisor to learn what options are available to you.

What happens if I am taking a class in another school/department? Will I be contacted with those instructions?

All university courses are moving online. Your instructor at the other schools/departments should reach out to you with further instruction. If you do not hear from them, you should reach out your instructor directly.

What do I do about medical attention or testing if I think I might have COVID-19?

Watkins Health Services is closely monitoring the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and working with university, local and state officials to ensure the health and safety of the Jayhawk community with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you experience respiratory symptoms within 14 days of travel or have had contact with someone who is suspected to have COVID-19, please stay home and call your healthcare provider. You may also contact Watkins Health Services. Anyone encouraged to self-isolate should refer to CDC steps to monitor your health. To promote the safest possible conditions on our campus, we strongly encourage preventive practices to prevent illness. Download the Healthy Habits (PDF) for tips.

Will all events on campus be cancelled? Can I come to school for event if it is being held?

We are waiting on further university guidance on various events. We will update this page as we are able.

What if I need to access student services on campus? Will those remain open?

We are waiting on further university guidance on all services and scenarios. We will update this page as we are able.

Will Commencement be taking place as usual?

There has been no decision made about Commencement.

How will I complete my field education hours during the disruption?

Please refer to guidance sent to you from the Field Office and archived on this web page under, “Field Placements.”

What if I cannot go to my practicum?

Please refer to guidance sent to you from the Field Office and archived on this web page under, “Field Placements.”

I have a question, whom do I ask?

  • For questions about your individual courses, reach out to your instructor directly.
  • For student support, contact your Academic Advisor.
  • For Field Education, your Field Instructor or Kelly Jones, Interim Field Director, at kellyjones@ku.edu.
  • For student worker hours, contact your current supervisor.
  • For all other university policies in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, visit http://coronavirus.ku.edu/.

How can I manage my mental health during this time? 

Please see our Wellness page for resources.

What else can/should I do to make sure I know the latest information?

If there is new information or polices, all students will receive direct emails via their KU email address.

We recommend visiting the dedicated university page to learn of all updates to university policy and other links that may be helpful: http://coronavirus.ku.edu/.

You may also want to sign up to receive immediate emergency alerts from the university: http://alerts.ku.edu/.

Emergency Telemental Health Implementation: Moving Fast While Maintaining Standard of Care; a short free 30 minute webinar for those who want some basics about using the proper standard of care for telehealth.

Here are the university’s web pages that have been developed to help answer questions and provide updates specifically about how the university is monitoring and planning for the evolving coronavirus situation:

Social Welfare Events