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Coronavirus Updates & Important Dates and Resources

Dear Members of the School of Social Welfare Community,

Thank you for your perseverance during these unprecedented circumstances. Our priorities are the safety and health of our community and access to quality academic programs and research services with minimum impact on students and employees. This is a rapidly changing environment and I appreciate your willingness to work together as we navigate this public health crisis.

As you likely know, the university has established a new website to assist with your transition to remote learning. This university website is: https://remote.ku.edu/.

The School of Social Welfare has developed these supplementary web pages that provide specific guidance and resources on transitioning to remote learning as well as updates and information specific to the School. These pages provide updates to School events, archived messages from me (Dean’s Office) and the Field Office, FAQs for students and instructors, links to resources to familiarize students and instructors with online learning platforms, and mental health and wellness resources.

This section of the website is a work in progress. It will be updated as information and suggestions for additions are received.

An important feature on these pages is the “Concerns and Needs” form that allows visitors to the website to contact the School and to suggest not only what resources could be added to these web pages but, what other resources are needed to support instructors and students in their transition to remote learning.

You are encouraged to take advantage of the information and resources presented on the School’s Coronavirus Update web pages and to contact the School, using the “Concerns and Needs” form to let us know how we can support you in this transition. I would also like to hear about specific needs or challenges at kusswdo@ku.edu.

The School of Social Welfare web page devoted to the changes implemented in response to COVID-19 is http://socwel.ku.edu/coronavirus.

Thank you,

Michelle Mohr Carney, PhD, MSSA
Dean & Professor
School of Social Welfare
University of Kansas
1545 Lilac Ln
Twente Hall
Lawrence, KS 66045-3129

This website is a work in progress and will be continually updated as materials and resources become available. Please check back frequently for updates.

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