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Alumni Spotlight

Catelyn Holmes
Catelyn Holmes, 2017 MSW

Catelyn Holmes

Catelyn Holmes Balanced Work at CRADO and Academics to Earn her MSW
Social policy faculty who taught Catelyn Holmes at the BSW level, recognized her interest in shaping social policy and recommended her for a staff position at the Center for Research on Aging and Disability Options (CRADO). In 2013, after graduating with her BSW, she successfully competed for a position at CRADO. Her outstanding work indicated she had clear potential to earn an MSW. Catelyn approached CRADO Director Rosemary Chapin and Assistant Director Carrie Wendel-Hummell to discuss pursuing her MSW. CRADO staff supported Catelyn’s goals and were able to provide letters of reference as Catelyn applied to school and for scholarship opportunities. Carrie and Catelyn worked closely together to make it possible for her to balance her position in the Center and her academic workload. Now Catelyn is graduating as an MSW and was a Behavioral Health Scholar. CRADO Assistant Director Carrie Wendel-Hummell said she was delighted to contribute to the success of such an outstanding BSW and indicated that this is yet another example of how the School of Social Welfare Research Centers support the academic mission of the School.

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