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Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W. Degree)

Undergraduate Engaged Learning Certificate Programs

The university offers several engaged learning certificate programs that work well with the undergraduate social work major. Students who complete an engaged learning certificate program receive a notation of it on their transcripts. General outlines of these programs are below, with websites for more information. See Certificate programs in the Resources section of the online catalog for current information.

Global Awareness

The Global Awareness Program recognizes undergraduates’ international experiences. Students can receive transcript certification for experiences including study abroad, classes with an international focus, foreign language study, and international co-curricular activities. To qualify for GAP certification, a student must complete two of the three following components:

  • International experience (such as a social work study abroad course).
  • Academic component (SW 455 Topics in Social Welfare: Globalization and Poverty meets this requirement).
  • Co-curricular activities.

Learn more about GAP.

Service Learning

Service learning offers a chance for students to use their classroom skills to meet community needs and earn the Service Learning Certificate at the same time. Three components are required to earn certification in service learning.

  • Component 1: Classroom Experience emphasizes academic course work that involves service learning as a method of engaging in the course material. Students must complete the service in a service learning course. (SW 220 and SW 601 are appropriate courses; certain sections of SW 541 meet this requirement.)
  • Component 2: Additional Service is required to broaden service experiences. Qualifying activities include another service learning class, further volunteer work, an alternative break experience, or leadership in a student group.
  • Component 3: Reflection can be completed by attending a 50-minute reflection session or by completing a reflection worksheet. If you have taken three or more service learning courses, you have the additional option to submit a reflection paper already completed for a service learning course.

Learn more about CSL.

Research Experience

Students must fulfill the requirements of both components to receive REP certification on their transcripts.

  • Component 1. Students must complete either Option A Course Work or Option B Course Work + Research/Creative Experience. Courses must be selected from the approved REP course list. (SW 540 and SW 541 count toward this requirement.)
  • Component 2: Independent Research/Creative Project. Students must complete a research/creative project. (B.S.W. students often use SW 490 Directed Readings to fulfill this requirement.)

Learn more about REP.

Leadership Studies

Leadership Studies Certification provides students with a curricular foundation from which they can learn to engage the process of leadership more effectively. The curriculum centers on the study of leadership as a process, not an outcome. Students are exposed to theories that generate effective collaboration within and among groups of stakeholders to meet shared group goals and needs. Built from an engaged-learning model, the program connects theory with practice, while fostering critical thinking and reflection skills. Curricular and co-curricular experiences intentionally link leadership as a process with an understanding of systemic influences, stakeholders as central voices, and the ethics of connecting shared values and interests among diverse populations.

Learn more about LSC



Vicki Mignot
Student Services Coordinator, Lawrence Campus BSW Program

Jody Johnson
Academic Success Coach, Edwards Campus BSW Program
To make a student appointment: 913-897-8539

Mahasweta Banerjee
BSW Program Director

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