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Student Spotlight

Adele Falk, M.S.W. Student

Adele Falk

My name is Adele Falk. I’m working on my master’s of social work at the University of Kansas in Overland Park.

Music was important to me in high school so that’s what I studied in college. I was trained as an opera singer as an undergraduate, but I realized I didn’t want to make it a career.

I started volunteering at the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault, or MOCSA, the rape crisis center in Kansas City. Eventually I decided I wanted to work in victim services. Therefore, I needed a degree in a related field, which meant a social work graduate degree.

One main reason I chose KU in Overland Park is the faculty and staff are so accommodating. I have mild autism, and it’s important for me to go to a school where I’ll find support if I need it. Student Services and my professors helped me meet my academic goals. Even though all schools are supposed to do that, it doesn’t mean they all do.

I also chose KU’s master’s program because the administration and advocacy concentration offers classes in topics like public policy and community organizing – for what I want to do.

I would love to get a job in public policy, advocating for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence so I can work with legislators to change legislation. That is my passion, and my degree from KU in Overland Park will help me stand out among the rest and make a difference.

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