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The University of Kansas supports nondiscrimination (policy.ku.edu/IOA/nondiscrimination).

This value commitment is also part of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (policy.ku.edu/code-student-rights-and-responsibilities-student-code). This Code “protects the rights of every student and describes responsibilities or expectations for student conduct. As such, it forms a significant part of the rules of the campus community. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the policies that govern student conduct. This information may be found at: studentaffairs.ku.edu/policies.

If a student believes that their rights have been violated they are encouraged to seek consultation from Institutional Opportunity & Access (IOA) - ioa.ku.edu. As with any member of the University community the student has the right to contact Human Resource Management (humanresources.ku.edu) to discuss their concerns and options.

The same rights afforded to students are afforded to all members of the University community and violation of these rights by a student may be grounds for dismissal.