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BSW Advancement Review

School of Social Welfare Advancement Review

For BSW students to advance in the Program and into 500 level coursework they must complete the following:

If all of the above criteria are met, students are successfully advanced into 500 level coursework.

Should a student not meet all of the above criteria, they have until one week prior to classes beginning in the fall semester to complete required courses and/or documented service hours.

Should a student’s cumulative GPA be below a 2.5 and between 2.25 and 2.49, the student may advance and will be on probation for the fall semester.  If at the end of the fall semester the cumulative GPA is not at or above a 2.5, the student will be dismissed from the BSW Program.

In cases of a felony record or reference letters noting Recommend with Reservations or Do Not Recommend, students may not advance to 500 level coursework until a review is conducted and approved by the BSW Program Director, Director of Field Education, and Associate Dean for Academic Programs