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Graduate Student Travel Funds

  1. Travel authorized for student development to graduate students who have been accepted to present their research or the disciplinary equivalent at a national or regional meeting of a learned or professional society.
  2. The student should apply first to Graduate Studies for funding.
  3. For supplemental funds from the School, e-mail a request to the Dean Michelle Mohr Carney at mmcarney@ku.edu to cover expenses. The School will pay for lodging, registration and airfare (not meals, or other expenses) for up to two conferences. In each fiscal year, students applying for a first conference take precedence over students applying for a second conference. Dean’s approval will be made until available funds are depleted. Students should see Elenor Buffington (Room 214 Twente Hall) (e-mail ebuffington@ku.edu) to receive instructions and complete their paperwork, including the School’s travel authorization request form (doc), and, preferably, direct payment for the other expenses rather than reimbursement to the student.

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