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Resources for Field Instructors

The field education office sincerely appreciates the more than 250 professional social workers who volunteer their time to provide filed instruction for students. Without the real-world experiences you provide, we could not fully prepare students for a future in social work. Please remember to check our Web site regularly for upcoming events and news. See below for links to information that will be pertinent to you:

How to become a Field Instructor (pdf)

Sonia- Link to homepage

Sonia Webinar Recording 2018-19

Sonia User Guide for Field Instructors (pdf)

Accessing Sonia Tip Sheet

Completing the Field Instructor Agreement Form Tip Sheet

Confirming a Placement Tip Sheet

Viewing Basic Student Information Tip Sheet

Approving Timesheets Tip Sheet

Reviewing and Approving the Learning Contract Tip Sheet

Completing 2020-21 Placement Requests

Completing Agency Details Tip Sheet

Completing My Details Tip Sheet

Completing the Student Evaluation Tip Sheet

Field Education Handbook (pdf)

2019 Field Instructor Orientation ppt (pdf)

Ethics & Field Instruction ppt (pdf)

2019-20 Contact Information and Due Dates

Information about Student Levels/Expectations

Planning Student Orientation to Practicum

Handouts from Past Field Forums/Workshops

Identifying Opportunities and Building Competency (pdf)

(Field Instructors and Policy Practice presentation 8/8/2014)

Critical Conversations: Field Supervision (pdf)

Behavioral Health Scholars Field Instructor Information (pdf)

Psychotropics Made Simple by Roger W. Sommi (pdf)

Unconscious Bias workshop Fall 2016 by Sydney Spears Ph.D., LSCSW (pdf)

Fall 2016 Evaluating Student Performance Webinar by Kelly Jones, LMSW

Social Welfare Events


Kelly Jones
Associate Director, Field Education
Interim Field Education Director

Laurie K. Hart
Associate Director, Field Education

Christina Boyd
Western Kansas M.S.W. Program Director

Alberta Wright
Administrative Specialist