A Foundation of Strengths. A Vision of Justice. A Mission of Change.



Building on strengths and 
resources to reach goals and 
address challenges

We embrace the inherent worth of all people, and recognize the strength and power that exists within each individual.  By focusing on strengths, we seek to make positive changes at the micro and macro levels.  This approach harnesses the valuable traits that already exist, and channel them in a constructive way to attain goals and overcome barriers. Building upon the work of previous scholars, the KU School of Social Welfare formally named and articulated the Strengths Perspective in an essay for the journal Social Work (Weick, Rapp, Sullivan, & Kisthardt, 1989), and it continues to positively influence our approach to scholarship, education, research, and practice.


Research Projects

Pathways to Recovery

  • PI: Mabry, Ally

California Compliance Project

  • PI: Mabry, Ally
  • Funder: California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions
  • Dates: 07/01/18 to 06/30/19



Ally Mabry, Research Project Director

Edward Scanlon

Scholarship Focus
Policies and services involving adults with mental illness who are involved with the criminal justice system or who are homeless.

 Grand Challenge
Promote smart decarceration. End homelessness.

Amy Mendenhall, Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Research

Amy Mendenhall

Scholarship Focus
Children’s mental health including serious mental illness, service utilization, parent and child education and the impact of mental illness on children and their families.

 Grand Challenge
Achieve equal opportunity and justice. Close the health gap. Ensure health development for all youth.

Social Welfare Research Office Contacts
Amy Mendenhall, Associate Dean for Research
amendenhall@ku.edu | 785-864-4792
Jenni Atwood, Manager
atwoodj@ku.edu | 785-864-7368
Social Welfare Research Events
Recent Publications & Presentations

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