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Ally Mabry

Research Project Director
Primary office:
Watkins Home
Room 211


Ally is a Consultant and Trainer for Strengths Model case management implementation. Ally currently provides technical support and assistance to mental health centers that are implementing strengths-based case management. Previously, Ally was the Assistant Director of Community Support Services at Wyandot Center for Community Behavioral Healthcare in Kansas City, Kansas where she worked for 11 years in many different capacities. She also works closely with Pat Deegan in implementing CommonGround in Kansas, a software program developed by Pat to aid in shared decision making between consumers and their psychiatric providers.

Scholarship Focus
Evidence-based best practices implementation support for organizations providing services to adults and transition age youth who experience serious mental illness; the Strengths Model of Case Management; Development of fidelity scales to measure adherence to emerging best practices in mental health; Client-centered social administrative practices for mental health organizations and state mental health authorities.


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