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Cheryl Holmes

Associate Researcher
Primary office:
Twente Hall
Room 5


Originally from Kansas, Cheryl Holmes, MPA, joined the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare in 2002 and now serves as an Associate Researcher. Typically employing community based approaches, her work focuses on behavioral health, integrated care, and working with rural and frontier populations. Previous research and evaluation work has included primary/behavioral health integrated care across the life span, shared decision making for teens with SED and their families, and patient-centered medical homes in rural settings, among others. Ms. Holmes currently is the project lead on an award to engage migrant and seasonal farmworkers and those who serve them in health care research. She is also the evaluator on a multi-year federal grant that supports clinical master’s degree social work students as they prepare for working across the lifespan in integrated care settings in rural and urban medically underserved areas.

Research Interests

  • Frontier and Rural
  • Integrated Care
  • Behavioral Health

Selected Publications

Levy, M. Holmes, C. Mendenhall, A. & Grube, W. (2017). Engaging rural residents in patient-centered health care research. Patient Experience Journal, 4(1), 46-53.

Moore, W. Klem, A. Holmes, C. Holley, J. & Houchen, C. (2016). Community innovation network framework: A model for reshaping community identity. The Foundation Review, 8(3). DOI:10.9707/1944-5660.1311

O'Brien, M. Holmes, C. Chapman, K. Rosen, M. Lee, J. & Crickard, E. (2015). Innovations in practice: Supporting parent and teen communication during outpatient psychotropic medication appointments. Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 20(2), 107-111. DOI:10.1111/camh.12076

Holmes, C. Levy, M. Smith, A. Pinne, S. & Neese, P. (2014). A model for creating a supportive trauma-informed culture for children in preschool settings. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 24(6), 1650-1659. DOI:10.1007/s10826-014-9968-6

O'Brien, M. Crickard, E. Lee, J. & Holmes, C. (2013). Attitudes and experience of youth and their parents with psychiatric medication and relationship to self-reported adherence. Community Mental Health Journal, 49(5), 567-575. DOI:10.1007/s10597-012-9526-x

O'Brien, M. Crickard, E. Rapp, C. Holmes, C. & McDonald, T. (2011). Critical issues for psychiatric medication shared decision making with youth and families. Families in Society, 92(3), 310-316.

Crickare, E. O'Brien, M. Rapp, C. & Holmes, C. (2010). Developing a framework to support shared decision making for youth mental health medication treatment. Community Mental Health Journal, 46(5), 474-481.

Bryson, S. Corrigan, S. McDonald, T. & Holmes, C. (2008). Characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorders who received services through community mental health centers. Autism, 12(1), 65-82.

Selected Presentations

Hunter, E. Penick, E. C., Paolo, T. Levy, M. Holmes, C. & Matejkowski, J. . (11/16/2017). An Interprofessional Collaboration between a Clinical Social Work Training Program and a Clinical Psychology Internship Program to Meet the Behavioral Healthcare Needs of Rural and Urban Underserved Populations. University of Kansas Medical Center's Faculty Academic Day & Interprofessional Preceptor Summit. Kansas City, KS

Levy, M. Holmes, C. & Boyd, C. . (09/13/2017). Preparing the Behavioral Health Workforce for Integrated Care in Rural Communities. 2017 HRSA Virtual Behavioral Health Conference Lessons from the Field: Innovations in Behavioral Health Workforce Education, Training and Development. Virtual

Levy, M. Holmes, C. & Boyd, C. . (03/14/2017). Preparing Master's Level Social Work Graduates for Integrated Behavioral Health. Sunflower Foundation Integrated Care Learning Collaborative. Topeka, KS

Grube, W. Mendenhall, A. Holmes, C. & Levy, M. . (01/14/2017). Exploring Patient Centered Care in a Rural Context: The Relationship Between Rural Residents’ Age and Components of the Patient Centered Medical Home Model. Society for Social Work Research 21st Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA

Holmes, C. Levy, M. & Mendenhall, A. . (10/07/2015). Rural Engagement to Enhance Patient Centered Care. PCORI Annual Conference. Washington, D.C.

Klem, A. Holmes, C. & Moore, W. . (04/16/2015). The Implementer’s Guide to Using Theory of Change with Rural Health Initiatives. National Rural Health Association Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA

Moore, W. & Holmes, C. . (04/14/2015). A Health Foundation’s Journey to Explore Rural Culture. National Rural Health Association Multiracial and Multicultural Conference. Philadelphia, PA

Holmes, C. & Crickard, E. . (07/19/2008). Increasing Inclusion in Research: Frontier and Rural Inclusion. In S.K. Corrigan (Chair) Shaping the System through Community Empowerment. 2nd Biennial World Conference of the Society for Korean Children and Youth Studies (KCYS). Lawrence, KS

Selected Grants

Holmes, Cheryl, (Principal), Levy, Michelle, (Co-Principal), Engaging Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers in Healthcare Research, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), $250,000, Submitted 12/12/2016 (03/01/2017 - 12/15/2018) . Not-for-Profit (not Foundation). Status: Funded.

Holmes, Cheryl, (Principal), Rural Health Initiative Field Support, 16-047-OI-SSN, The REACH Healthcare Foundation, (01/01/2016 - 12/31/2016) . Foundation. Status: Funded.

Holmes, Cheryl, (Principal), RHI Field Support, 15-016-INT-SY-MU, The REACH Healthcare Foundation, (01/01/2015 - 12/31/2015) . Foundation. Status: Funded.

Holmes, Cheryl, (Principal), Rural Health Initiative Field Support, 14-011-INT-SY-MU, The REACH Healthcare Foundation, (01/01/2014 - 12/31/2014) . Foundation. Status: Funded.

Holmes, Cheryl, (Principal), Field Support for RHI Technical Assistance, 13-005-INT-SY-MU, The REACH Healthcare Foundation, (01/01/2013 - 12/31/2013) . Foundation. Status: Funded.

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