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George Turner

Associate Professor of the Practice
Primary office:
Edwards Campus, Regents Center
Room 125K

As a scientist-practitioner, George’s research interests are focused on collaborative, interdisciplinary opportunities that investigate cross-cultural understandings, practice implications, and policy development as it applies to the intersection of public health and sexuality specifically as it applies to women, chronic illness, body image, masculinity, individuals with intellectual disabilities, the LGBTQ community. Topically, he is interested in practice issues, emotional intimacy, shame and vulnerability, sexual dysfunction, sexuality across the life span, positive sexual identity, noncompliance with gender norms, sexuality curriculum development and evaluation, sexuality education, experiential learning in sexuality, and cross-cultural study of human sexuality.

George is a certified sex therapist (AASECT) and has an active private practice specializing in sexual health, personal wellness, and relationship enhancement. This and his background in non-profit administration inform his teaching best practices in direct clinical services.


George’s research is grounded in a feminist and emancipatory paradigm, guided by an interest in how systems of privilege impact the intersection of race, class, ability, gender, and sexual orientation. Through an exploration of voice, George’s goal is to illuminate the lived experiences of disenfranchised groups and expose meaning where little or none existed. His current research examines adults with intellectual disabilities and sexual voice. In addition, he is exploring how schools of social work can support client sexual health by preparing sexually literate practitioners.


He provides sexuality expertise to area hospitals including: Children’s Mercy, St. Luke’s, and KU Med speaking to their psychiatry, OBGYN and urology departments on topics such as intersexuality, female sexual pain, and taking a sexual history.  George is also a frequent speaker at PFLAG, the MS Society, KU Cancer Center, and UMKC psychology and counseling programs.

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