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Saddened by the passing of Kay Lynne Myers

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

We are sad to announce the passing of Kay Lynne Myers on Monday, July 25. Kay Lynne was the coordinator of the School's MSW program at the Edwards Campus from 1996 until her retirement in 2011. Additionally, she pioneered our continuing education program which supported countless alum and other social work professionals. Kay Lynne Myers came to the school of social welfare with a broad range of both volunteer and professional service that allowed her to hit the ground running as the school’s director of social work programming at the Edwards campus and director of professional and community education. She demonstrated exceptional skills in dealing with students, faculty and members of the social work community in the metropolitan area. She supported hundreds of our MSW students, our faculty and staff during this period. She was a central figure in the school’s early attempts to move beyond alumni donations to garner support from the Kansas City area. She provided the school's dean, Ann Weick, with opportunities to tell the school story in order to secure funding. She was an excellent staff member who supported the work of others and made significant contributions to the various school committee's and task forces on which she served. Without a doubt, she was the face of our program in KC during this era. Prior to her work at KU, she had an extensive practice career in KC starting with the VNA in 1980.

Her career was marked by her commitment to get things done - her tenacity in the face of obstacles - her boundless sense of hopefulness about getting things done - and her compassion for social works client base. She will be sorely missed.


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