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March 23 Webinar - Beyond Silence and Violence

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Professor Juliana Carlson will be presenting for a national webinar focusing on domestic violence prevention and engaging men and fathers on March 23, 2015 from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. The goal of the webinar is to expand the conversation around domestic violence by exploring how men, and fathers in particular, perpetuate, are affected by, and victims of domestic violence, the effects of DV on women and children, and strategies to engage men in addressing this issue, especially organizations already serving boys, men, and fathers. The discussion will also include the socialization of men and the cultural realities of low-income men of color. Register for the webinar.

Professor Juliana Carlson was also recently interviewed by Channel 6 News on the topic. Watch the full broadcast.

KU professor sheds light on gender-based violence and equality for women

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The United Nations recently reported that 35% of women worldwide have experienced physical violence in their lifetimes. One KU professor says, this is a global pandemic with deep roots in gender inequality.
"Thinking about gender-based violence is always in the bigger context of gender equality. If women and girls are not safe, if they're not having equal access to opportunities in the world, they're not going to be able to contribute," said Juliana Carlson, associate professor at KU School of Social Welfare.

Both sexual and domestic violence been at the forefront of a national discussion here in the U.S., but researchers are taking a closer look at what women around the world are facing everyday.

"Child marriage is also being included in that [and] human trafficking. So there's many issues that are involved. These issues are prevalent throughout really all countries in the world," said Carlson.

So how important is a man's role in stopping gender violence?

"It's critical," said Carlson.

While millions of women around the world are affected by some form of gender-based violence, Carlson says there are many ways men can step up to change this trend.

"This is not how do you work with a man after he's been abusive. Primary prevention is what we really need to focus on. If they're a business owner, how can they create policies to make sure women are paid equally, how can they create a safe environment for men and women."

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