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Faculty & Instructors

Deb Adams.  debpa@ku.edu; (913) 897-8444.

Associate Professor.  MSW, Ph.D., Washington (St. Louis).  Policy.

Becki Akin.  beccia@ku.edu; (785) 864-2647.

Assistant Professor.  Ph.D., Kansas.  Child Welfare.

Mahasweta Banerjee.  mahaswetab@ku.edu; (785) 864-8950.

Professor.  MSW, Ph.D., Washington (St. Louis).  Research.

Jody Brook.   jbrook@ku.edu; (785) 864-2267.

Assistant Professor.  Ph.D., Kansas.  Substance Abuse.

Edward Canda.   edc@ku.edu; (785) 864-8939.

Professor.  MSW, Ph.D., Ohio State.  Human Behavior, Spirituality.

Juliana Carlson.  jmcarlson@ku.edu; (785) 864-9026.

Assistant Professor.  Ph.D., Minnesota.  Child Welfare.

Rosemary Chapin.  rchapin@ku.edu; (785) 864-8941.

Professor.  MSW, Ph.D., Minnesota.  Social Policy, Aging.

Mary Kate Dennis.  mkdennis@ku.edu; (785) 864-8962.

Assistant Professor.  Ph.D., Michigan.  Aging.

Willie Elliott.   welliott@ku.edu; (785) 864-2283.

Associate Professor.  Ph.D., Washington (St. Louis).  Poverty Research.

Terri Friedline.  tfriedline@ku.edu; (785) 864-2267.

Assistant Professor.  MSW, Ph.D., Pittsburgh.  Poverty.

Toni Johnson.  tkjohns@ku.edu; (785) 864-3825.

Associate Professor.  MSSW, Ph.D., Texas (Austin).  Practice, Children & Families.

Michelle Johnson-Motoyama.  michellejm@ku.edu; (785) 864-2378.

Associate Professor.  Ph.D., Berkeley.  Child Welfare.

Steve Kapp.  stevek@ku.edu; (785) 864-2269.

Professor, Associate Dean.  MSW, Michigan (Ann Arbor); Ph.D., Michigan State Univ.  Program Evaluation, Research.

Terry Koenig.  tkoenig@ku.edu; (785) 864-2656.

Associate Professor.  MSW, Ph.D., Kansas.  Aging, Human Behavior.

Jim Kreider.  jimk@ku.edu; (785) 864-2285.

Professor of Practice, MSW, Kansas.  Clinical Practice.

Karen Kyeung Hae Lee.  klee@ku.edu; (785) 864-2284.

Assistant Professor.  Ph.D., California.  Adult Mental Health.

Melinda Lewis.  mlewis@ku.edu; (785) 864-1047

Associate Professor of the Practice.  MSW, Washington (St. Louis).  Policy.

Alice Lieberman.  alicel@ku.edu; (785) 864-8957.

Professor, Director of BSW Program.  MSW, Texas (Arlington); Ph.D., Wisconsin (Madison).  Practice, Diversity.

Jason Matejkowski.  jmate@ku.edu; (785) 864-5851.

Assistant Professor.  MSW, Ph.D., Pennsylvania.  Adult Mental Health.

Tom McDonald.  t-mcdonald@ku.edu; (785) 864-8959.

Professor, Interim Dean.  MSW, Pennsylvania; Ph.D., Wisconsin (Madison).  Research, Children.

Amy Mendenhall.  amendenhall@ku.edu; (785) 864-4792.

Assistant Professor.  MSW, Ph.D., Ohio State University.  Health and Mental Health.

Chris Petr.  chrisp@ku.edu; (785) 864-8963.

Professor, Director of Ph.D. Program.  MSW, Ph.D., Kansas.  Practice, Children’s Mental Health.

Edward Scanlon.  escanlon@ku.edu; (913) 897-8555.

Associate Professor, Director of MSW Program.  MSW, Kansas; Ph.D., Washington (St. Louis).  Social Work Practice, Poverty Research, Advocacy.

Margaret Severson.  mseverson@ku.edu; (785) 864-8952.

Professor.  MSW, JD, Denver.  Practice, Corrective.

Richard N. Spano.  ricks@ku.edu; (785) 864-8971.

Associate Professor.  MSW, St. Louis; Ph.D., Minnesota.  Practice.

George Turner.  george.turner@ku.edu; (913) 897-8492

Associate Professor of the Practice.  Ph.D., Widener University.  Sexual Health.

Anne Williford.   awilliford@ku.edu; (785) 864-8969.

Assistant Professor.  MSW, University of Texas, Ph.D., Denver University.  Community Practice, School Social Work.

Andrew Zinn.  azinn@ku.edu; (785) 864-8946.

Assistant Professor.  MSW, Ph.D., Wisconsin (Madison).  Child & Family.

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