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Kansas Strong for Children and Families

Kansas Strong for Children and Families aims to establish a collaborative and effective initiative that develops, implements, and evaluates strategies that will improve safety, permanency, and well-being outcomes, by enhancing agency and court/legal practice, and reducing systemic barriers


Kansas Strong is a public-private-university collaborative that includes the KU School of Social Welfare; the Kansas Department for Children and Families; the Kansas Court Improvement Program, Office of Judicial Administration and the Supreme Court Task Force on Permanency Planning; the state’s network of private providers of family preservation and foster care - Cornerstones of Care, DCCCA, KVC Kansas, Saint Francis Ministries, and TFI; the Kansas Family Advisory Network and the Kansas Youth Advisory Council.


Kansas Strong is a 5-year cooperative agreement between KU School of Social Welfare and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau. Kansas is one of five grantees nationally aimed at strengthening child welfare systems to improve outcomes for children and families.

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Becci Akin
Principal Investigator 

Kaela Byers



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