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Rooted in Strengths: 30 Years of the Strengths Perspective in Social Work

“All people possess a wide range of talents, abilities, capacities, skills, resources, and aspirations… a belief in human potential is tied to the notion that people have untapped, undetermined reservoirs of mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual abilities that can be expressed. The presence of this capacity for continued growth and heightened well-being means that people must be accorded the respect that this power deserves.” –Ann Weick, original author


In 1989, ‘A Strengths Perspective for Social Work Practice’ was published in the journal Social Work by researchers at the University of Kansas, and the Strengths Perspective was born. Over the past 30 years, the Strengths Perspective has grown to be a pervasive influence on the social work profession. To celebrate this, we are publishing a book of peer reviewed chapters that will celebrate what the Strengths Perspective continues to offer. ‘Rooted in Strengths: 30 Years of the Strengths Perspective in Social Work’ will be released at an event on April 17, 2020 where selected authors will be invited to share their work with academics, instructors and practitioners in the field at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS.

‘Rooted in Strengths: 30 Years of the Strengths Perspective in Social Work’ invites submission for chapters describing how the Strengths Perspective has been adopted or evolved within your own work in practice, research/scholarship, or teaching. Potential topics can include but are not limited to:
1) Practice in the Field: development and evaluation of strengths-based interventions; integration of strengths into organizational structures, practices or policies   
2) Research/scholarship: strengths-based research or evaluation methods, theory development related to the strengths perspective, research findings related to client or community strengths
3) Instruction: strengths-based teaching approaches, how to teach Strengths Perspective or strengths-based social work


Peer Review:
All chapters will go through a blind peer review process conducted by a selected group of experienced social work scholars (emeritus faculty, as well as current faculty and academic research staff) chosen by the editors.
Submissions are due on October 25, 2019 by 11:59 p.m. CST.
Accepted authors will be notified by December 20, 2019. Reviewers' notes will be given at that time.
Revised/Final versions of your article will be due on January 25, 2020 by 11:59 p.m. CST.
Book will be available by April 17, 2020.
What's required for submission:
1. Chapters of 10-20 pages
2. Abstract of no more than 150 words
3. Author bio of no more than 200 words



Please contact the editors with any questions:
Amy Mendenhall:, 785-864-4792
Michelle Mohr Carney:, 785-864-8975
general questions:

Author Contractual Items of Interest

Author(s) will hold the copyright to their chapter published in this book, which will be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. The entire book will be made available for online open access via KU ScholarWorks. Commercial use will be prohibited. Learn more here.

Citation Style: APA