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For the School of Social Welfare

For more than 60 years, the KU School of Social Welfare has helped improve the lives of people in our communities through innovative leadership in social work education and research that addresses urgent social problems. We work to change social work practice and social policy to support greater dignity, respect and empowerment for the people and communities served by the social work profession.

Campaign Priorities

As society becomes increasingly complex, problems confronting communities, families and individuals also become more difficult to resolve. Violence in our streets and in our schools, threats to the health of our most vulnerable citizens, the human toll of natural disasters, urban and rural poverty, and the hopelessness that attaches to lack of opportunity — these and other problems sometimes seem overwhelming. Now more than ever, we need well-trained social workers and social work researchers.

Improve student success and expand opportunities

To confront the complex and troubling issues in our communities, social workers require strength of character, persistence and compassion, as well as knowledge of the most contemporary and innovative methods of assistance. For this task, we need to recruit students of the highest caliber.

  • Scholarships to attract and retain the most highly qualified BSW and MSW students
  • Funds to support student retention initiatives, such as the Multicultural Scholars Program
  • Support for student participation in study abroad classes. These opportunities increase the capacity of our students to think cross-culturally and to act from an enlarged understanding of the transnational scope of many of our local social problems.

Prepare leaders for Kansas and beyond

The Ph.D. program in social work educates the next generation of teachers, researchers and policy analysts for the task of increasing our understanding of social problems and our knowledge of best practices to address those problems. This difficult task requires that we attract bright, creative and highly motivated students who are up to the challenges our society poses.

  • Support to recruit outstanding doctoral students
  • Support to reach out to promising minority students, many of whom will be heavily recruited by peer institutions
  • Scholarships to support doctoral candidates while they complete their dissertations

Drive discovery, outreach and innovation

Our researchers provide social work practitioners with the empirical tools they need to support people’s strengths as they confront diverse challenges. Our policy research, in partnership with state, local and national agencies, makes a difference in shaping just and humane social policies and programs. But, with your help, we could do more.

  • Support for lectures, conferences and website development to help bring research findings to the practice community
  • Endowed professorships that help retain our talented senior faculty by recognizing their national prominence in specific content areas
  • Investment in the Dean’s Opportunity Fund to sponsor promising initiatives and give us the flexibility to respond to emerging needs and opportunities

Emerge as a top-tier international research university

Our school’s reputation as one of the top social work programs in the country is based, in part, on our groundbreaking research. It is our goal to continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge about best practices, programs that work and effective social policy. Conducting research that makes a difference for our communities requires a supportive foundation.

  • Visiting professorships bring top scholars to our school for a semester or a year to interact with our faculty and students, which in turn brings new ideas and perspectives
  • Graduate research assistantships allow doctoral students to work with faculty on exciting new projects
  • Funds that support infrastructure development, including technical assistants, consultants on special projects, travel to conferences

Far Above offers an unprecedented opportunity for donors to help elevate and enrich academic excellence in the School of Social Welfare, and to enhance a powerful resource for highly qualified researchers and practitioners who will benefit citizens in Kansas and beyond for many generations to come. Thank you for partnering with us to realize this vision.

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