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Ph.D. in Social Work

School of Social Welfare Doctoral Student Organization

Formed in 2006, the School of Social Welfare Doctoral Student Organization’s overall purpose is the continued development of the doctoral student program in the School of Social Welfare. The organization meets monthly and is open to all current doctoral students. Previous work by the group has included developing faculty/doc student brown bags to enhance knowledge sharing, advocating for improvements to doc student information on the School’s website, undertaking informal research on student publications, participating in community service projects, and organizing a CV-writing workshop. In addition to its efforts to continuously improve the experience of doctoral students, the organization has facilitated a number of social events to provide mutual support and to strengthen relationships with faculty and staff.
New students are strongly encouraged to participate as the organization serves as an important source of support and information and most students continue their involvement in the organization for the duration of their doctoral studies.
Three student representatives have oversight for the group and, as part of their role, are also voting members of the School’s Ph.D. curriculum committee. Student representatives are elected each academic year by their peers and individually represent: (1) the incoming cohort, (2) doc students in coursework, and (3) post-coursework doc students.
For more information on the group or if you are interested in serving as a student representative, please contact Chris Petr, Ph.D. program director at chrisp@ku.edu.

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