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Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board of the School of Social Welfare is to support the Mission of the School. This mission includes: (a) the education of students whose skill, compassion and commitment make a positive impact on individual and community well-being, and (b) outreach to Kansas and wider communities through the development and dissemination of knowledge that informs more skillful social work practice, and more humane social policies and programs. Board members carry out this purpose through active collaboration with the Dean on strategies and projects that strengthen the School's Education, research, and outreach capabilities.

Membership of the Board is comprised of individuals from various constituencies, including the social work community, alumni, business and progressional groups, and wider communities. Board members are encouraged to identify potential candidates for membership. Appointment to the Board is made by the Dean, in consultation with the Executive Committee, with final affirmation by the Board as a whole.

2017-2018 Board Members

Kimberly Upshaw Adams  (2019)
CEO Social Work p.r.n.

Vergie Anderson  (2019)

Mary Beth Blackwell  (2018)
Eating Disorder Resource Center Director/Therapist, Jewish Family Services

JoAnn Briles-Klein  (2018)
Private Practice

Sharon Brown  (2018)
Johnson County KS Department of Corrections

Elise Cadigan  (2019)
Glenwood Evaluation and Treatment

Randy Callstrom  (2018)
Wyandot Center

Reginald (Reggie) Jackson  (2018)
Private Practice

Edie Larson (2019)
Retired Researcher, Juniper Gardens

Carol Lightner  (2019)
Area Mental Health Center

Mary Ann Meeks  (2019)
Retired from Social Security Office

Jeanne Mills  (2019)
Retired Psychotherapist, Catholic Charities

Todd Porch (2019)
Vice President, Comcast Wholesale

Palle Rilinger  (2019)

Senia Shields  (2018)

Peg Van Wagoner  (2019)
Vice President, American Century Investments

Rosalyn Wilson  (2019)
Retired from Children’s Bureau Regional Program Manager, Administration for Children and Families

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